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In a world of darkness, I am always told that the light will prevail.  Through moments of uncertainty, What guides you will never fail.   
We fell in love in late spring  As cool wind nipped at our cheeks  we found warmth in each others bodies  Our love blossomed into the summer Hot, sunny days  Walking trails hand in hand 
Overthinking. I overthink the small things.Gosh he might think I’m ugly. Or he could find someone prettier or way better than me now. Oh what do I do?
Sick of the notion  fake my emotion pretend I'm okay after every day as my bad thoughts grow self hate too and the blade beckons me home and asks for a mark to stay
Sometimes it's hard to admit it, but sometimes you need to accept defeat, And that the future that you thought you were heading towards ends up not being so sweet.
Sometimes it's hard to admit it, but sometimes you need to accept defeat, And that the future that you thought you were heading towards ends up not being so sweet.
Angry at myself That I still don't have the courage to stand up, I fall back down, in this blanket of despair, Way too familiar, Where I feel secure
Entertaining death The thoughts fill my mind My chest heavy with Despair Pass another year I jest. But in reality I begin to feel fear
You made me feel gross You think I don't remember But what you don't know Is that I will live with this pain forever On my body I make cuts Cuts to carve away at parts that feel
It's funny how the brain works, Suddenly reminding me of the abuse I unconsciously tried to forget. Leaving me alone with the feelings of guilt and regret.
I'm broken, But I've never been A broken Bird. Broken Birds Can't fly. 
I am not going to sit here and pretend that I am okay, Cause if I am being honest, it really changes and I have to take it day by day. One day I go to bed smiling and I am still very hopeful for the future and what it can bring,
I am never the one to call it quits I am the one that quietly sits There and takes the hits  Working hard to throw my hints
Shedding tears is part of human emotional package. And most time we shed tears in response of an emotional state. But do we always cry when in pain? Can we cry because we are happy?
What do you see when you look in my eyes? Can you see all the memories that I so strongly despise? So badly I wish that I could cry. Or even better, I wish I could get high.
Look up to the sky friends, Can you see the coming end? Red rock falling from the sky, Hidden by flames, beautiful disguise. Say your last prayer, beg for eternity; The unlikelyhood no longer worries me.
My mind dances in shadows and confusion. I don’t know what is real, what I touch, what I feel. I hide behind the shield of my illusion. So I continue to continue, to pretend that I am real, that life is what I feel.
Will I Remember at the end? Crying eyes Yet I like to pretend Questions not asked That how I want it to be Die young and live fast I'm hurting, can't you see? I wear a big ol smile
I wonder if I should put conditioner in my hair  I don't think it matters when my soul is drowning  I forgot about my cactus, and the one I've yet to plant 
The needles on the wall clock with the ticking sound Pulverizing my soul, making my heart pound Every audible gasp ensuing the other one A blink of eye that snatched my reason
I hug myself close,  Hoping that I can pull my Scattered pieces closer.   I hold myself tighter, Afraid that if I let go, 
When your world freezes over like the tears from your eyes Like a call from the doctor or when your mother cries To feel your heart sink like a stone thrown in anger To the depths of dark seas, as if tied to an anchor
House of cards Easily blown away by wind It doesn't take long To notice how fragile it became It holds memories inside Memories of the good times It has always kept the scent
My mind is swelling today Swelling of fallacies  False foes that engorge each time a thought grows
Reality hits, Sadness bites and it really hurts then it dies No one can rely and just can't play It can all be a reply then somebody must repay
Im writing these words so that if anybody is to find this, they'll finally understand The pain I was going through and just how deep it went How blinded i was by the darkness
Everyday it gets harder To get out of bed, To feel enthusiastic about life, To smile. I can feel the pain inside of me Growing and spreading,
  She has a smile even the stars can’t outshine But if you look in her eyes, she’s breaking inside She walk around with confidence, her chin always up
 why is it so hard for me to find happiness? maybe because that i don’t know whats happiness for me.
the taste on my tongue of bitter words that could leave you stung   the fire in my heart of frustrated feelings that would lead me to fall apart   the thoughts in my head
  I need a hero. I don't know how to save myself Somebody help me I'm tired. Of cutting into my flesh to numb the pain
Crying alone in the dark Every night it is the same  I’m too sick to make friends And way Too tired to smile   
It still lingers in me, How can this sadness be? The voices telling me what I can and can not be. Feeling hopeless, every hour. Like a never blooming flower. What is the point of life?
-spend every moment doing meaningless things just to make time pass by faster. -take a hot bath as to finally feel something warm.
I am drifting, a lonely piece of driftwood covered in pale moonlight on an open sea. I don’t know where I am going nor where I came from, but I am drifting. I feel hollow, empty like a piece of me is gone and it can’t be replaced.
  I am from Starbucks and skinny girls in mansions. I am from can I feel your hair and is it real ?
i pull off my heavy-weight sweatshirt i weigh myself ranking up to nearly 100 pounds im satisfied for now
I had a key, To my heart, It was only for me, To play my part.   I gave away the key, To a boy,
throwing a plate like a frisbee into a concrete wall
I want                                                                                                           nothing.  I feel 
One day you're home, and then another you are left all alone.  Abandoned, gone, and lost.  Looking around like theres been a holocaust.  People say life is black and white-
At the age of 4, I began new adventures; A hedgehog, a vampire, no, a gamer starting to venture. I was new and inexperienced, I just didn’t understand, Like Kindergarten and field trips, I was entering a new land.
Shuck-Lily cuts herself and, by God, I'm back in love again, This is not my responsibility, So why am I tending to you like an animal?  
This sadness Sits idly in my chest Like an unseen counterweight  Pulling my heart towards the earth-       begging for rest.   I beg for rest, too I beg for clarity
Pressure keeping me in a state of mind Though it's not fine Desperation in my eyes
I see you in every angry fight, every bruise, and in every goodbye that is never said.   ~awatr
Her eyes reminded me of the old embers in the fireplace, unkempt by my absent father.   ~awatr
The clouds wept for they knew my pain.   ~awatr
I spent every waking minute thinking of you. And when I shut my eyes at 3am? There you were again.   ~awatr
I told you that you took my breath away; Little did I know that you were suffocating me.   ~awatr
Oh, how I hate this day, It reminds me of everyone I’ve lost. It fills my soul with dread, It breaks down my mind. It reminds me that I’m alone,
You've always compared me to a rose and I never quite understood why. Is it because I'm pretty? Or is it because I have thorns? Is it because, if you get too close you'll hurt yourself?
No one wants to be friends with the depressed kid Or the one with crippling anxiety That poor child who was traumatized, but Everyone steps away when she needs help When the evil Dark
What do you do when you want to die but can’t kill yourself? Yeah you’re happy sometimes but usually you’re dead inside. You can’t hurt yourself but if an accident happened you’d be just fine.
your presence opened up a new ray of sanguinity that enveloped my soul into a layer of diminished sanctuary that i embraced wholeheartedly and nourished like a decaying flower
your presence opened up a new ray of sanguinity that enveloped my soul into a layer of diminished sanctuary that i embraced wholeheartedly and nourished like a decaying flower
Wake up, roll out of bed Hit the floor, legs like lead Emotions are weighing me down Dawn my mask to cover my frown   My mask of Immaturity My mask gives me security
With this flower I shall take your hand With these words I shall make you cry With this promise I shall give you hope With this kiss I shall take you home  
tiptaptiptap fingers on the table rhythmless and bland, we cut off the cable. tiptaptiptap rain on the window erratic and soothing, we watched the world go. tiptaptiptap
The peace I will feel when,  my eyes are unable to blink,  when my legs are unable to swing. the peace I will feel when,  my hair stops growing, mouth stops smiling.  The peace, when my heart
Euphoria, the feeling a bee feels when it finds a daisy. the feeling a dog has,  when it finds a bone a bird, a seed. a lion, a zebra  me, you. 
I feel like an artist,  Desperately trying to blend, My darkened soul,  Into the rainbow that was once,  My mind. 
Your hands slowly,  Trace their way down my thigh.  Your lips, Make their way to my chest.  But what is lust,  If we don’t have love?
I am shattered glass I am shards covering the floor Fools throw Elmers glue at me I stare in disbelief Elmer's glue
I am shattered glass I am shards covering the floor Fools throw Elmers glue at me I stare in disbelief Elmer's glue
Oh, no I've done it again Cut, cut, cut With my pen   Cut out the pain Time and time again I've watched blood Go down the drain   When they find my body
etheral ututopian world shaken to the core carnage of murder,of kidnap and rape,they point that accusitory finger at all of which who don't believe screaming their scriptures at soil wrought sinners.
Her lullaby is sung by her tears just to awaken to the same Melody. Her smile is faked so she can face the world. There are no words to calm the sadness that over flows onto her face when she's alone.
my shadow is made of paper; and my smile's made of sin. i can't get any closer. to being dead within
Like I drug I was addicted I couldn't see that you were vindictive Using me to get back at her Shattering my fragile heart like a mirror Freezing over from the coldness of your heart
Hello my demons will you let me sleep? i'm covered in daggers  don't know how to breathe. i'm weary i'm tired. and too dead to bleed. so lonely, so broken. and i'm ready to leave.
In every night, there is a morning. In every morning, there is a night. But in the darkness of every night, there will never be a light.
Death has come home; to sleep in my soul. she whispers, she calls. why shouldn't i go? Death has come home, to see me again. she knocks on the front door. and i let her in.
another relationship another breakup today, our one month anniversary  she breaks up with me after isolating herself for days blaming me not even trying to fix things
i wish you the worst, the same that you wished me i hope you drown, just like you told me you looked me in the eyes, spring of twenty eighteen you fucked me up, and i should've just screamed
Life is meticulous. it lingers on, trapped in between the cracks  of "destiny", and "maybe".  and everything is shady or burning in the blaze of  ray beams ...  and right now its flaming. 
I found her sorrow in the purple and blue lightning bolts under her eyelids. I found her courage in the hollow irises deep inside her eyes. I found her stress in the
Hands. Toutching my arms, gripping the skin so rough that my fingers tingle.  Chest. On top of mine, crushing what I had of "boobs' Eyes. Dark and full of evil, they store deeply into mine warning me of what they was capable of.
The ones that sit alone, in the back, that are quiet have reasons. Not many can understand them
I feel like I'm drowning in your words and every time I open my mouth to breath, I lose more air. 
I have so much anger. I have so much blame, so much doubt, and so much shame. I drown in malevolent actions, while I dwell on past interactions. I may ride on golden chariots but I always wonder if life is worth it.
Living in a world that doesn't exist Soaked and sealed in the darkest sea of lies Drenched in shame and sorrow leaking out of my body Sex every hour with strangers who stared with disgust and pity
what's left to say in those whispering tones? got gasoline in my brain  and ink on my bones. what's left to recall me; but the walls of my cell? they say it will heal. but i think that was hell.
I asked you why and started to cry  you were my security blanket  you were supposed to make me and my heart feel  Secure I say please don’t let it be another girl You are vague. 
It’s that single moment where everythinggoes numbgoes blankgoes vapidgoes cold
Dear God (if you are even there) The world is cruel Most people realize this at a young age Well at least I did When I was young, everything seemed so big
 Your ray of sunshine hath died. <br>Perhaps the things I thought true Were nothing but deafening lies, A façade. You were like a sister to me Always a shoulder to cry on.  The room no longer glows a golden hue as you enter a room, But a mee
Leaves crumple under my feet as my eyes are fogged by my layered tears. I’m walking under the brightest street lights, but still feeling completely in the
I am my own Alice seeking  a non-existent wonderland,   I am a butterfly fluttering about in a flowerless field,   I am a pen deprived of the badly needed ink,  
Why can't I just be a bird, that reaches up to the sky looking down at all the views and always free to fly? Why can't I just be the sun,
To the monster inside my head, Do you like it up there? Inside my head? My thoughts? My emotions? It seems so. You've gotten more comfortable in your home.
I’ve got couple bong rips Held with a deep grip in my lungs Yeah I got a couple slits Not just the ones that cover my eyelids
i ask “can you save me?” you reply “i can try”
I feel  like I'm always  on the edge of something.    Waiting.   For what, I don't know.   Anything happy,  or anything sad, 
She stares at the blade in her right hand the red lines covering her legs and both arms making it impossible to see clearly clouded by depression, tears, and self-hatred.
Share your smile with the world.It's a symbol of friendship and peace.Because of your smileYou make life more beautiful and prestige
The soul that sees beautyMay sometimes walk aloneLoneliness adds felling of unwanted And expresses the pain of being alone
I'm disgusting, revolting, dispised,  my sexuality effects me, a pig, disgusting,  revolting, dispised, loved by none, I am that pig.
Goodbye I wont see you again. We don't always love what loves us, But please do not forget that we laid out in the parking-lot
As if the endless white fields were not good enough,The mist rode in and seeing became tough.What else will god do to make life rough?Maybe he won't send more p
I'm sorry.   I'm sorry for the lies, the things I've done, and constantly reminding you how little I care.  
You walked out on me. You left me. I lost you , you lost yourself.   Only way to describe our relationship is a black pit;  Bottomless and dissapointing.   I call your phone to remind myself 
I know it's over even though it never really began...   I know it's gone, with no chance of ever coming back.   But in my head and my heart, it was so real.  
I am not okay. This is all a lie. I'm not who you think. Let me clarify.   I spend my days laughing off my pain; I spent my nights silencing my brain.    I appear to have
I woke up in the morning, walked to my bathroom, then look in the mirror and thought Because I love you, I want you to wake up and make today a great day.
Hands held tight, Skin against skin, Their warmth was shared In the lonely, cold dorm room.   Everyday felt like eternity In heaven
I charge Through the night Like a buffalo child. There is darkness in my eyes And my hope, It's a flickering light. As if it were a candle Disappearing into whispy Smoke
watch me as I fade; my friend. I grow weaker everyday; watch me as I cave; my friend. for now all, I know is pain. watch me as I break; my friend. remember the opression and hate?
I am a wall. No matter how hard you try you can not break through this wall.   My emotions are cinder blocks
In the quiet hours before death. all men must come to terms with their lives. all the parts, and all the seasons. they must observe it, regret it, and be proud of it. depending on who you are,
One day gone. And not even that. I miss you already. My throat is sore, From having to make up for my lungs My whole chest is left weak from the gaping hole in my heart.
Each poem I write isn't good enough... So I wright this. words press against  the inside of my skull, Something set them off. I spray these pages with phrases like horse piss. Then I gain control.
I am tired; however, I am not the tired that can be fixed with any amount of sleep.
Paint a picture Paint a picture perfect Make sure all these hours are worth it Don’t cure it Exploit what has been given
A creation of our mind runs deep, so overwhelmingly deep at times Right at the moments you need it to be silent, the screams of sorrow and sadness echo throughout the corridors of the mind
There's something so poetic about watching everything crumble around you How can destruction be so artistic, so beautiful? Seeing everything you attempted to build just fall It's gone in the matter of minutes
March 3, 2017: This everlasting darkness has really taken its toll on me I don't think I can control myself anymore This is spiraling out of control So fast that I can't even keep track of wherever I used to be 
March 6, 2017: Sorrowful living is a long, desolate path It’s where you’ll never really feel complete, but you don’t do much to fight it Because, though you just want to be happy, you don’t know where to begin
Dear Mom, I woke up today screaming and then realized it was just a nightmare. I don’t know why you didn’t come to check on me but I know I will be okay.   Dear Mom,
John 14:14 here;Got no reason to fear;Because if my God is near;Then we always have a reason to cheer.Mr. Smiff irritatin’, his spirit fadedHis lyrics jaded, his fear is makeshift,
Beyond the seas of melancholy,  there was a time I held your hand, My heart now bears an untold story... like a ship at sea that longs for land-   A great untruth my lips have borrowed,
Expression: showing emotions through colour -- Music -- words -- creation. You give other people insight Into your feelings, because Humans Are Social Creatures. When you're healthy and young,
I am kid again
I'm sitting here. Again I'm alone. I'm trying to escape Escape from the hurtful words and the voices in my head. My headphones are on and my music is up. Here I sit. I'm by myself.
Now that I'm getting closer to the end I'm scared. I don't see what everyone else sees in me anymore. I have failed so many times in my eyes. When others try to shine a light on me I ran and hide knowing I'm unworthy of its shine and warmth.
Heavy once again Sorrow permanently Permeating Penetrating Over and over The insecurities  Stab like darts Tears well up  Out of nowhere Leaking and spilling
Am I invisibleWhen my arms wave for aidAm I bothering the peopleShunned and ashamedMy lungs fill with mistakesFour gallons of heart acheI fall to my endInside me
Why am I here? What purpose does this have?I am so tired, I just want to sleep.Of myself, I feel I am only halve.Maybe less, but now I am in too deep. It's time to die, time to die, time to die.I'm too tired to work.
If you see someone depressed Don't ask them why they're stressed It does no help most of the time.
Truth is I broke the record,of how many timesI could change my mindWithout it affecting my life. Truth is I broke the record,of all the spoken liesdevised over timeThat I made myself believe.
so many emotions my body can't contain  continuously being suffocated like an un-oxygenated flame if someone would put me out how grateful i would be for my emotions--never ending--are shifting like the trees
I am cold, stubborn, and reckless. I am sad, skinny, and wild. I am timid, honest, and loud. I am forgetful, ignorant, and tired. I have failed at being a daughter.
false  too confused to know the truth lost but what was lost, was it you? who I don't recognize   when did I lose you was it when you shouted? or when you laughed?
You were gone for so long Now you're back Gone for too long Eleven months and twenty three days to be exact   Oh how I missed you Your cold touch Your green skin
She writes about him in a five dollar notebook Saying that she loves him so His hands are placed at the nape of her neck while his love was gripping her throat
Calling, Crashing lights are flashing what is happening? this is maddening storm and lightning Fears are frightening Put in writing we can't fight it Can't you stop it?
Eyes red, dried tears on her cheeks; On the roof she sits with pen and paper Describing the beauty of the street lights The sound of the rustling trees
poison tears Rain, rain, go away,Because of you the pain will stay.Slit my throat, cut out my heart,Leave me here, tear it apart.
I knew I had it bad, when they asked what I would need if I was stranded on a island, and the first thing I thought of, was your blue eyes instead of water. Isn't that sad?  
if the sand was silk would you still step over it? if the rocks were gems would you pick them up? or would you still step over it?   it become harder to live or more likely so
You take the knife and you take the blade You dig it in and draw some blood But it’s time to stop, your night is made. Listen and let the tears flood.
"Footsteps through the fire But I don't feel a thing  Burning even brighter I sour on angel wings Down in a ditch I can see the light If I could only reach I try with all my might
Yelling and crying.  Screaming and dying.  This is the circle of my life. Why try?   Every time you get happy, Life becomes crappy. This is the circle of my life. 
i honestly dont know what you expected this isnt a poem you want to know how much i want attention? yeah me too.
We are broken, And shattered And crushed And tattered   We close our eyes and hope for something better But we must cope   We are laughing and smiling
I... developed into a wolf of smart solitude I... lurked in the background not seen nor heard I...
From the inside looking out A bright-eyed horse stands Head held high to the sky Ready to take on the world Without a single doubt  
Putting on a fake smile To keep the questions away To keep the pain away To keep the memories away
I thought you´d always be there I thought you´d never leave Now you’ve left me standing With my heart left on my sleeve   You swore we were forever And never will we part
Growing up sucks in this world Having pressures to be perfect You try to get away from it Clear your mind and run away But you still have that voice The one in the back of your head
Theres so much hurt So much pain So much broken glass That cuts my wrist I wasnt so broken I wasnt so cut I wasnt so depressed I wasnt so sad
I see them together.
  Always have this thought Believing that I am lost Crying uncontrollably trying not to be scared Dying inside feeling helpless Expressing is so hard 
Your words not only hurt me  but make me feel so low how can you just look at me, and already assume this is what I'm about? All my imperfections and flaws
I used to believe in a close happy family But now I've been awakened and feel so alone I always dreamt of staying together But I never dreamt of departing our ways
 "More, more" they say, "More, more." These voices won't stop. This emptiness won't be filled enough. "More, more." These voices continue to say, "More, more."  More of what? More friends. More money.
When we are left empty, lying on the floor, the only way to have hope,
It's vulnerability that makes depression feel so romantic.
  A fatherless showdown. He is around but he’s not. His ghost still creeps in his body,
Drown out the thoughts with sound, even when they ask me to turn it down.
Colours we strive to leave behind, Hope of a future beyond our lives. A legacy at the mercy of future generations, It's the only variation.  
A thought is all it takes
It was on that dark, depressing night So very silent Giving me nothing to do But think Think about everything that has ever happened That I have ever done I was contemplating my life
I was glowing and I was beautiful, 
Sometimes i feel like the lowest of the low. I feel like I am a plague and that's only me being vague. 
"Pick your poison," he says to me.
To struggle here in this colorless world,
Dear Love
Let's toastTo the restless nights To the tired eyes
Darling Darling
My heart is breaking, my faith is shaking, too much is what all of this stress is taking. Can't calm down, can't look around, on the outside I smile. On the inside I frown... So tired of life,
I’m mental. I’m losing what’s left of my rapidly deteriorating mind. Its hard to understand a basket case. No one really does.
She needs a sensitive soul. A gentle touch. A loving heart.
All she ever knew
Lord, save me from my sins
what do you see when you look at me our perspectives are completely divergent because you see a girl
These people be looking at me like I'm crazy Like the shit I been doing ain't the right shit maybe Maybe I'm loosing my mind I haven't been feeling right lately Like all these demons inside been tryna step out on me
People think they have me figured out That smiling, funny girl Described as me But that's the cover of I I hide more underneath my skin than the anatomy books say is there Tears saved till it's too much
Hey again.    It's just me. I got nothing to say No games to play No place to lay It's only me.   Im here by myself.
I stand in the valley of the shadow of death, Don't understand why I'm here, Everything seems deep, dark, and dangerous. Anyone here?
Rain It drips down my back In quick succession. Rivulets form a path, An irrelevant digression. Gravel It retaliates the rain. Each drop Absorbing the pain. Walking still, 
You Stole from me something important Before I could understand to cherish it You  Lashed out at me For my overwheming emotions You Made me become Hateful of myself.....
One stepand I felldown,down,into the dark.You promisd youwould save me,keep me afloat.But I remember thoselies well,as the tears floodeverything I know.
How much canI take? The drinksdon't drown me likeI hope they would.You killed me whenyou killed us. Youbroke me downwhen you dropped me fordiamonds.I don't shine or sparkle
Come, Sit down and view my world Let me take you in   They say my name As if it is I that should be ashamed. And yet, I win another battle  
I look into your eyes that are now so bright... My eyes are dark, with just a flickering light. Oh, how I miss you... I wonder if you miss me too... I don't understand what you see in her,
Every answer is a lie, Every night it all unfolds. Only when I'd rather die Is when the truth is told.   Every answer is one I hide, It scares me more than you know Because when I search,
Bleeding because it paints the pictures so heavily spilled in my mind. And seeing the crimson upon my skin Gives me pain that makes me real.   Crying because It makes me view
Incurable words, They seem to kill me blantantly. The irony is bliss. Words running through my mind. All the time. At the most unfavorable times of night. In the heat of a moment of love.
She did it... She broke up with me My heart feels like a pit But she holds the key.
"Foster child! Foster child" "I wish you never came here" "Not my sister, Not my sister!" "Mom, don't call her dear" Echoes in the hallways, begging for a tear Water in the bathtub, wash away my fear
Many times we sacrifice hopes and dreams thinking that by doing so we will achieve bigger dreams. We don't understand how many we lose in the road until we look back.
I have discovered my problem in the course of a psychology assignment.
I drift from this life to the next Floating from one wave to the next
Disappear in a whisper: Hello? Are you there? Yes but are you? Do I know you? Do I know you? No I don’t. You’re right we don’t know. We? You never knew did you?
I cannot see, The darkness is pulling at me. Where's my light? When will anything feel right? I thought you promised you'd be there for me? Now the darkness is closing in on me.
Light shady hair That lays softly and carressing his lonely thoughts Habits that glorfies the flaws in his stormy eyes
I lost my shadow, I lost my friends, Even my reflection is running away. What did I do to scare you? I was always nice, always generous, I gave you everything I had
You can make believe it happened Or pretend that you’re not frightened You can wish, hope, and contemplate
she stands alone in the dark dark closing in as the tears fall she feels pain within her heart aches but she cant let go the past a memory her breaths thinner and less
Can I sleep forever? When I sleep, I can't feel the pain.. The pain of not haing you here..
It was all incredibly detailedHow he dove into her drained eyes,How he explored her dark and poignant soul;
It's not what they call you, but what you answer to. Never let someone else's words define you. No one is "normal" No one is "perfect" But as long you love yourself you'll always be worth it.
The sunlight is gone and the threatning shadow of rain makes the earth seem unknown with its strange glow again. The warm breeze twirls quickly. The plants-too green- hasten their dance,
the human mind is a beautiful thing it is the controller of the human being but the main difference between yours and mine is that yours does not make you want to die
breathe the sadness that stitches your ribs together and choke on the chances you missed  
I wish that I could light an o
    You should have known better
(Behind The Scenes):
If I cry to the heavens by moonlight
Strange, isn't it? How those who are pillars of support for their friends might be crumbling apart from within?   I seem strong and confident and self-assured and happy.
I cannot let me feel To feel is to hurt Hope turns black with each shedding tears What once felt excitement is only filled with dread I cannot escape this prison I made for myself
These often dark and dreary roads I walk
Sitting alone Knowing what I have done
If you really knew me, you would know I suffer from depression. A misdiagnosed type of new vision. Seeing reality as it was always meant to be. Seeing the actuality of the false viatlity of the world.
The silence screams through the noise The blindness crawls through the images flashing by her eyes The anger hides behind a mask of smiles The tears stream but they can't be seen through the look of laughter upon her face
How can things be so difficult one minute, but then dissolve into something so pure? How do people look over the beauty of mistakes and only focus on the bad and evil perspectives?
At some point there comes a time where we have the talk with our parents The talk about success and at some point we all choose to digress
  The world is a mystery, Forever unclear, An insolvable puzzle for everyone here, Trying to forget their own history.   The skies can be dark, Everyone scrambles trying to learn their part,
My dear Dream! You neither come with comforts nor You let me sleep with comfort. From the day one since I've met you until the time I marry you, I stay obsessed with you,
Life is like having a tick irritating like when you get a prick kinda like getting hit by a brick Sometimes you want to let it go But hold on you might find a glow Walkin throug town you get a little down
                   Victim Used by many Left by some To all spares every penny But has ears from none Caught up in a journey Though it's just begun
I wish to cut away my flesh.I don't hate myself.I just hate this skin,Weak and bloody thin!If only
this passion for you  melted into these meaningless words on a page no one will read and the hours and minutes i spend bleeding these feelings and dead smiles
Not everything works Like it used to when We were young Disease fills us Disorders rot our minds and We’re never cured Anxiety creeps up Fire that you ignore but Can’t put out
Sometimes I get in my feelings, for no reason. Just a thought can shift my entire mood. I can be happy one moment then depressed the next. I have issues. I guess that's called bipolarism.  
Screams can be heard the obliterate stares of those who don't have a clue do they really  do you   The bloody fingernails scrape the chalk board and the spine tingling sound
X, A, B, Jump, Roll, Hop Controller, Control Me, Reset the initial settings to your personal preference Warp me into the image you wish to see Use me Anesthetize me,
She kept a tally of the bad days on her thighs and wrists. She worried that maybe it wasn't normal to think of death so much. To welcome the pain of the blade with a smile, a real one.
Everyday I cried over you And waited for the day for you to come through
A walk along the beach..A whisper in the wind..Without these things, I could no longer pretend.A hike among the trees..A nap in a meadow..I'm never followedby your ominous shadow.
I began to walk away 
Abuse, lonely, depressed, homeless
one, two start the day new three, four 150 cals, no more five, six i dont need to be fixed seven, eight youre all too late nine, ten never wake again
Thoughts race time goes by minutes drag she wonders why   darker and darker her mind goes what is the outcome? nobody knows   all she sees behind hazel eyes
Incompetent minds with unyielding thoughts she keeps to herself and guards her soul   they dont understand they only observe she stays in pain but keeps her control  
I would kill for a pill that would make me feel, So happy inside,  Fill me with pride and confidence, If someone offered it to me, I'd happily agree to take it with me,
  Tired of winters And swollen rivers Chests heaving People leaving                 Want to sleep Maybe for weeks             Need to sleep Maybe for weeks
on cloudy days she sits alone
he was a tidal wave,
I'm tired of trying
Dad, a three letter word for father. You know, it takes a man, a an to be a father. You say you ere just a kid, but so was she.So was mom.
Waking up every morning to the same tune Thinking about leaving this place from morn till noon Stumbling out of bed thinking of who to impress 
Stranger in a crowded room Fate continues to weave at the loom Your entire life mapped in one tapestry  And you stand alone, helplessly    You begin to wonder, 
The people squirming Through each other Sprinting Pacing Chuckling Weeping Briefcases in hand Lunging For the office Laptops Cellphones Watches Files
Lonely face while he walks the streetWater from my eyes like sea salt-laden galesThe last they heard from him was a tweetAll she wanted was to hear a taleThe Moon was bright as a lamp-post
The "R" word If I could change one thing in this world, It would be how people use "retard"
' 'she is nothing but a slut' ' face pale  lips Glossy ' 'she is nothing but a freak' ' pale blue eyes  chocolate lockes ' 'her makeup looks terrible' '
i'm scared of getting close how could anyone handle someone so deranged it really blows having everything hidden because eventually someone will want to know the truth
i do not like to feel the emotions take over leaving me broken and vulnerable it's hard to deal feeling hopeless feeling alone that's why i've cornere myself off in this fortress
Help me- I'm broken Help me- I'm lost
My greatest fear was to drown. To have my lungs full of water Simultaneously, living and dying Until I realized, I'm drowning myself. Sorrow after sorrow take over my body
You would never have thought that what I've done would
It's kind of like you're free falling with no parachute Your body feels weightless and you're floating You feel the wind rushing as you're diving towards earth But at the same time, time sort of stops
Do not say goodbye, please hear me out first; I love you, and know that I’m on your side You say it’s done and it couldn’t get worse While you reflect on the tears you have cried.  
A familiar numbness creeps over my soul. I feel nothing. But at the same time, I feel everything.   I feel the weight of guilt, the pain of losing a friend,
Hillary the Ohpeliac, The girl with a beautiful soul She’s into self-destruction, I’m fascinated by this role.   She looks at skinny as a flaw I can’t even see why Beauty comes in all forms
How can someone get to the point in their life where death deems so right?   When you wake up Every single day Wishing for an end to it all.   And more specifically,
I used to look down a lot My head full of melancholic thoughts And myself  so weighed down I could not stand up.   In fact I was falling, deeper and deeper into a depression
Life's Masquerade By: Linda Oostendorp  
I am half-read books and highlighted words inside of them.
Walking the halls Is harder than you think Losing friends Can happen in a blink   Having stress And feeling depressed Are all the things I'm trying to express  
I thought you were something special, Not like any other boy, But I guess I thought wrong. I thought I had finally found someone who liked me for me; Someone who wasn't just there to admire my body,
135 pounds?! There's no such thing as having an eating disorder when you're so fat Eating disorders are for the skinny people For my friend, who is 105 pounds and eats whatever she wants  
She dances! She twirls! This amazing wind up girl! Come one! Come all! To see the painted smile doll! Put your order in today! We’ll send her, no delay! The price is really not that high!
Sarah She was born into an orphanage Her reading disability is awful Her emotionally traumatized brain can't help it Her life spent without being wanted   Justin Wishes he didn't have parents.
  Chains Chains clinking metal frozen wrists bound reaching for freedom no key to set me free or strength to uncuff
Forever engaged to silence  getting through day by day smiling and laughing  pretending your okay "Im fine" or my favorite "I already ate" she pretended to happy  but all that was fake
The butterflies swarm inside my head,My mind decides to tell them everything I've said.Fluttering, moving, spacing out,They come from all directions to have no doubts.Peaking and peering inside my mind,
I'm trapped Inside my body. I don't belong  Here. Nobody wants me. Here Nobody understands me. Here I need an escape from. Here I'm trapped inside my body.
There she goes, falling Down into the unconquerable abyss Lost inside herself There’s no escaping The terrible monsters that live in her soul They lurk in the looming blackness
Life is precious, fragile, and an amazing experience. Memories last forever. The good, the bad, every important memory, can never be forgotten   Rolling around outside,
Again, I begin, to feel like I'm going through life in no particular direction, to feel like instead of being one in million, that I'm one in the millions, I don't feel like an individual,
i was thinking about how low people can get and how low people can feel so that they believe they are alone but are really surrounded by people who see them
It’s you You that I am scared of You chose me as your target all because of the way i look Or maybe it’s because I’m better than you Are you mad at the fact that I don’t have to
You stand up there, teaching us this crap How will it apply and when will I use that can’t I pick my own classes? Go to class when I want Whys the government control us, I wish I could change that  
Breaking Branches Falling Leaves Seasons Change Caring Need Rolled down Sleeves Icy eyes Hurting Heart Who Survives?
A shiny lock Numbers written around the edge in a circle I watch as it turns Back and forth The numbers blend together Amd I get confused and lost No longer sure how to unlock it
A dream is supposed to be love and keen but a dream deferred can prevent even the craziest dream Will you let color, age or sex defer your dream? or will you trust, believe, love and achieve,
When we walked the face of Earth, Wasn’t the world a happy one? A collection of blessings made up our very lives, And in the blinks of weary eyes, We were gone.   Now as I peer into the past
Without a raise of the hand, I stood Knowing that I could be stifled, I know I did not care. Without a raise of the hand, I spoke Meaning no disrespect, but respect was the only matter on my mind.
I’ve dealt with a lot. I’ve been bullied, I’ve been heart broken, I’ve been ignored, I’ve been abandoned, I’ve been invisible, I’ve been a target. They tell me it’s just the
Kids are steadily drooping out of school Selling drug, hang in gangs becuase they think it's kind of cool The list of the problems that are wrong with America Will have these kids rolling off into hysteria
Understand, this is not right.Listen, hear me warn you.This is not a fair fight.You will fail, win, lose.
My close friend Luis decided to drive around in his motorcycle. Luis was innocent, he just wanted to drive around... So happy to be driving, the wind hitting his face, ignoring everyone.
Time ticks slowly, almost like my heart with out you Just like the Moon, has to be away from the Sun, I have to be away from you.   Every once in awhile you visit me in my dreams
My mind is depraved. A sarcastic fringehead, erasing my thoughts faster than they can swim. Breathing in water, my lungs fill with salted froth. I bite my tongue and an acrid brine pervades the void.
Will it come to pass me by or will it never come at all Will it come with my sorrows or will it come with my family's sorrows I ask myself this everyday for you never know when it'll be your last 
That light that you see It isn't me. My light is broken there is no way for it to be repaired.
I live beneath you. I wade in the shallow end of your steps. I don’t understand you, Far as I may follow. I know you don’t see me, You don’t know who I am. You’re eyes show nothing, hide nothing.
I scream behind my closed door, but they can't hear me. The words don't ever actually escape my lips, because I'm afraid of what I might say. My mind is the one screaming, it just wants to be free.
Numbness fills my mind, My heart seems still, Never knew life was so unkind.   The wind blows, The day ends, But still my pain grows.   My face it smiles, My eyes are clear,
My hand, yes it hurts but my mind hurts more. Why do I write you ask? Because I can't go back to how I was before.  I can't afford to be that girl Who feels the need to end it all.
The air smothered in smog The birds don't sing like they used to. Then again, it's not surprising, must have the Memphis blues.  The echoing screams in the streets Children crying in the background
  They don't understand. The more they put me down , the more I feel like hurting myself.
  If this is living, I'm not sure if I want to live.  If only I could move.. just get away, but I can only go where I am taken to. No one seems to like me and they seem to think
Behind her tears There is anger and sorrow.Behind her fake smilethere is lies and fear. She seems to be all alone,No group to accept her.Everyday she sits alone,No one there to talk to.
It all started one day she got threatened, got made to do something she didn’t want to do thought it would get better, but no, it stayed the same
LIfe, How awkward it can be. Concerned looks, I feel so uncomfrotable.   HIding in my skin, I find the real person I am. And to be honest... The real me scares me.  
She is strong and fearless harboring a secret.  She has shut them out.  She is lost; lost as quickly as lives disappeared.  Her existence is what left her with nothing.  A shadow of her former self.  Seeking the night he finds her once again with
You must love to watch me crybecause since the beginningthat’s all you have caused me,tears and breathless sobsand i sit here as these big dropsof sadness and despaircrash like waves onto my face
As sons and daughter of the most high God We have standards to uphold, as we are representing Zion And as we live in a dark and hateful world
You're so sad, your tears illuminate a dreariness that words can't describe, you're so angry, the wrath of your fury is something you can't hide.
Its like swallowing flint To be here. Among the talented people The children of broken homes Motor homes And hill-top homes. From the highest of life To the lowest of lows Poets, word weavers,
The sands of time continue to fall. Hopelessness binds. Constricts hands, feet and heart. Desire for the should haves. As lost in the past miseries. Mistakes made. Lessons learned?
His heart is fragile; his body is vagile, he wants to persevere but he feels he has no support near, he walks the days alone, he needs to be put in a hone, sharpen his senses;
Everything and everyone move forward farther away from me who is stationary never changing never moving forward if i could go forward everything would change for better or worse
Every morning she paints on her face. She removes the bags from under her eyes, and hides the ones lying inside. She tries her best to cover the stains, tries her best with the ones in her brain.
In my eyes I am a burden I am arrogant I am argumentative I am over-emotional I am not living up to their expectations I am imperfect In my eyes
I was the oldest, So I should’ve died first, But now you’re buried in the ground, At only twenty-one years young, They say you were hung, And now I’m listening to sad songs, Did you hate us all that much,
I never looked back the day I left A thing I always seem to neglect Something my mother noted Whether I was going to school for the first time Or for Basic Training Or going to Iraq
Happiness Is a bunny Of fluffy cotton That grows Like water And strives Like a flower Jealousy Is the death Of a relationship that Is hurting from Lack in trust
This place I am, it is horribly dark. Yet, here I will stay. I am a flightless lark. Motionless I’ll lay. Please, take me away. I need this to stop, For these yearnings to drop.
I lie in bed awake at night Empty inside Wanting to grab onto something But not knowing what
Closed doors with listening walls, A storm thunders from your face, Such a big disgrace. Nothing changes, but everything falls. I wish my life was like a wall.
i think the hardest part is quit being mad at myself. I hate what I am. I want to change but i feel like i dont know where to start and i feel as if i will just regress and go back to how i am.
Fading into the background Washed out by greatest Suddenly hearing no sounds No cheers as I approach that line I made it right! I finished Where is my accolade? My recognition!
the dark heavy sinking feeling spins and twirls inside of me. it encases my insides, coating everything within its reach. it swells inside me and I can feel it grow and pound against the inside of my body, restless to get out.
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