I lost my shadow

I lost my shadow,

I lost my friends,

Even my reflection is running away.

What did I do to scare you?

I was always nice, always generous,

I gave you everything I had

until compassion was all I had left.

I never told you my problems,

I always listened to yours.

I’m supposed to be in a fucking psych ward I’m so bad off.

But I never let you see that side of me

still somehow I’m too much to handle.

You’re mad at me,

I ruined you

when all I did was be there for you.

Why am I always the one to apologize?

…’cause your happiness is worth it.

I’m cursed with sadness.

I’m unhelpable.

My therapist doesn’t know what to do with me.

She said she can’t help me.

They tell me to get over myself.

I never validated myself.

That’s the problem—


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