Control Me


X, A, B, Jump, Roll, Hop


Control Me,

Reset the initial settings to your personal preference

Warp me into the image you wish to see

Use me

Anesthetize me,

Dope me up on anesthetics and paralyze me,

desensitize my thoughts and stifle my spirit

Clip my wings and chain me to your dreams, your demands, make them mine.

Since the dawn of time, since the beginning of my days, that’s why I was created anyway

You lost a life?

Here’s another for free

Giving yourself reigning will to use me

…Oh no say it ain’t so!

The batteries have died

Tired, Stressed and worn

I no longer have to live this life feeling tattered and torn

But what’s this? Everything feels so foreign  

Wait. Please slow down, I’m lost

You have pulled and tugged me in so many directions

I open my mind struggling to find a clear section

I find none; everything has a trace of your impression

Like fingerprint of your fatal attraction.

This life, will it ever be my own?

...will it?

ANSWER ME…will I forever borrow your thoughts and dreams?

Scrambling for a new scene

Still praying for a new start I can only manage to whisper what’s burning my heart,

Take my will,

Take my life,

Master... I surrender to be your undying device. 

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