With this flower I shall take your hand

With these words I shall make you cry

With this promise I shall give you hope

With this kiss I shall take you home


But the flower is dead and my hand is stained red

The words you say make me cringe

That promise you spoke made me choke

The hope is gone

The kiss u gave only said good-bye


Not everything is as it seems

One moment that you dream

You could wake up with a scream

That one day you’re happy

Could turn into despair


Trust me when I say

Look out into the bay

And see the way to go home

Walk into the water into the sunset

Sit down on the rocks with the fish

Sink down into the bay


As your vision starts to blur

As the water combs through your hair

Let the waves take you away

As you start to fade you’ll smile at the thought

That you’re finally going home

Then you close your eyes

And take your last breath


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