poem 426

Tue, 04/26/2016 - 11:10 -- Libynic

so many emotions my body can't contain 

continuously being suffocated like an un-oxygenated flame

if someone would put me out how grateful i would be

for my emotions--never ending--are shifting like the trees

standing lonely in a forest, my tall and lonely tree

how is it with this many thoughts i am still left so empty 

i have been by myself for all my life although never alone

because my thoughts--my fears--my shame

have made my heart their home

overwhelmed yet unconcerned ive lost all will to fight

for when youre alone in a forest even daytime feels like night

a night thats never ending forcing me to face my heart

and doing what i wished for most--extinguishing my spark

you see, trees that are living--whatever kind they be

wont burn until dead, forgotten, lonely


that is why its essential, you put out my spark, for if you continue to let me burn

ill set fire to your heart


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