Disappear in a whisper

Sat, 11/08/2014 - 02:00 -- Sunsaki

Disappear in a whisper:

Hello? Are you there?

Yes but are you?

Do I know you?

Do I know you?

No I don’t.

You’re right we don’t know.


You never knew did you?

Know what?

That we are useless.



But I have potential.

Don’t make me laugh.


Don’t you remember what they said?


Yes, they!

You mean…

Now you get it.

We are alone, I’m always alone

Yes, who would ever need us in this world?

You’re wrong. Our, my family-

Only see what they wish to see.

But we have a chance to change.

No we don’t.

Everyone can change-

But do we want to change?

Yes I do.

Do you really?


If that is true then why must it always be there?


Yes it, it’s there when we cry, when we laugh, when we wake and when we sleep.

You never knew how to keep it away,

But it must stay with us

Why is that?

It shows that we are here in this world

It shows the very thing that we despise!


YES! We hate it, we want to destroy it. It’s ugly!

Ugly? Yes, yes it is. I never cared for it.

Then get rid of it.


Easy, just go to the pond and jump inside, it will disappear when we sleep.

Sleep? Yes it shall be like a dream that will never again repeat.

Yes and we shall disappear like the sounds of our whispers in this reality.


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