The Final Farewell



It drips down my back

In quick succession.

Rivulets form a path,

An irrelevant digression.


It retaliates the rain.

Each drop

Absorbing the pain.

Walking still, 

i keep apace.

They needn't tell me,

I know my place.


A force of nature

With no direction

The turning Earth

A mere reflection

of its intensity, purpose, reason..

The answer clearer 

With each turning season.

But to what question

Deserves a solution?

Given the impression,

We're only good for pollution.


It surrounds us, 

Naked to the eye.

Killing us with survival

It's protection a lie.


A canvas

A shredded silhouette.

If I keep going, 

There'll be nothing left..

Nothing can stop me, 

In my self destruction.

This is my path,

My own instruction.

The rain will fall, 

The storm passing still.

My glass half empty, 

With nothing to fill.

The sweet petrichor,

With the newfound stars..

But even this memory, 

Will become another scar..

Whether I am here 

Or not.

The globe will still go


Each breath fought for,

Every step earned.

I could drop dead,

And the world will still turn..

We're only pieces

In this game called life.

With no moves remaining,

I chose to end the fight.

The Earth will mourn you, 

But not for long.

Just a little fall of rain,

And the wind's silent song.

This is good bye,

There's nothing left for me here.

You'll know when I leave,

The rain will be near.





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