The Key

I had a key,

To my heart,

It was only for me,

To play my part.


I gave away the key,

To a boy,

So that he could see me, all of me,

And I was rewarded with joy.


He returned the key,

After one summer,

He couldn’t accept me,

That was so much more than just a bummer.


He broke the key,

He couldn’t keep his cool,

When he gave it back to me,

Now I’m just a fool,

With a broken key.


I mended the key,

It has a new life,

And I can agree,

Maybe, one day, I’ll be a wife.


I re-gave out the key,

To a different boy this time,

Because I thought that he could be,

The rhythm to my rhyme.


But he also returned the key,

Again after one summer,

He left me for she,

His lucky newcomer.


I’ve now hidden the key,

Away from the world,

They don’t deserve to see,

That I’m stuck in the underworld.


Oh crap… I’ve lost the key,

No idea where it’s gone,

But, at least it’s not set free?

"I wish I had never been cheated on."


I wish I had the key,

I want a chance at love,

I want to live carefree,

But that key, I never should have gotten rid of.


My heart is untouchable,

My mind is filled with stuff,

I’ll never be lovable,

I’ll never be enough.


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