To the Monster Inside My Head

To the monster inside my head,

Do you like it up there?

Inside my head?

My thoughts?

My emotions?

It seems so.

You've gotten more comfortable in your home.

You've gotten louder, thrown more parties with your repulsive friends;

Anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, hate, anger, worry, pain.

They are all there.

Inside my head.

You disrupt my peace.

Your thumping music keeps me up at night and pounds repeatedly in my mind.


"Life is rough and

You're not enough.

Just give up,

'cause you can't catch up

with the happiness you chase.

It is merely a make-believe place."

I have heard these lyrics time and again,

the consistency of them provoked me to change.

They fashioned me into a bitter soul.

Hate seeded inside of me.

I stopped smiling,

and started crying.

My dreams transformed into nightmares,

and my body lost its will to live. . .

I wish you would stop.

I wish you could demand your friends to leave.

I wish you would turn the music down and


Your echoing rattles are driving me mad!

I scream at the top of my lungs and pierce my skin

in an attempt to silence your clamor.

. . .

I just want to be ok.


I am home to a greedy beast.


The hollow host you reside in.

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