She dances! She twirls!

This amazing wind up girl!

Come one! Come all!

To see the painted smile doll!

Put your order in today!

We’ll send her, no delay!

The price is really not that high!

You don’t even have to try!

A few lies is all it takes

And you can watch as her heart breaks!

She’ll dance, just for you, when you open up her box!

So many nifty features! She’s even learned to talk!

She’s so well trained! With over 50 fun lies!

“I’m happy” and “I’m fine” said beneath her deadened eyes!

No worries though! Her painted smile never wavers!

She even wants to be your desperate dancing savior!

And when you’re done

And you’ve had your fun

Remember to dispose of her in a proper manner

At your local recycling center!

So the next lucky boy can use her

And abuse her.


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