No One

No one wants to be friends with the depressed kid

Or the one with crippling anxiety

That poor child who was traumatized, but

Everyone steps away when she needs help

When the evil


Oh, so evil thoughts creep back

And she begins to cry during her lessons in class

But that’s just who she is

The depressed kid

Who sits in the corner



With no one to turn to

No true friends

She stays in the corner, rocking

To comfort herself, because that’s

All that she knows to do

She’s never had anyone hold her

And tell her that she will be alright

No one to tell her that she is loved

No one to show her affection

No one to massage her hand while she cries

No one to care if she-


No one wants to be friends with that depressed kid who cries in the back corner of your class.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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