You Saved Me

It was on that dark, depressing night

So very silent

Giving me nothing to do

But think

Think about everything that has ever happened

That I have ever done

I was contemplating my life

I wanted to die

I was going to do it

I really was

The blade hovering just above my wrist

About to slide down my pale skin

It was so silent

But then

My phone buzzed

Breaking the depressing silence

Bringing me out of my thoughts

I dropped the blade

And answered the phone

You pulled me out of reality

And into our own little world

You saved me

Thank You.

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We Dream of Stars

Wow, just, wow. You are so brave to be vunerable like this. This poem is so bare, it lacks the frills and charade of other poems and it's beautiful. Keep on writitng, youll go far.

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