Why Do They Laugh?

Mon, 07/29/2013 - 10:04 -- sraviig


They don't understand.

The more they put me down , the more I feel like hurting myself.

Why can't you help me when you know that I'm bleeding.
I find it funny how people can see that I'm breaking and laugh.
I know they assume I'm depressed because I want attention.


Can someone tell me why the hell someone would pretend to be sad,
act like they hate themselves and try to kill themselves?
Honestly if I had a choice I would choose happiness.
But right now that isn't an option.
Sometimes I'm happy ,but most of the time I'm not. 
And it's disgusting how people can even think of bringing me down.
When my life right now is already too tough to handle.
When I regret waking up every morning 
to face another day of heartbreak.

I guess they enjoy watching me bleed.
Watch as I cry and laugh at me.
What's so funny?
I guess to them the pain I'm feeling is insignificant.
So trivial that it's funny.
I thought people were supposed to help one another.
Not bring them to thoughts of feeling unimportant.


That's how I've been feeling for a year .
Try to bring me up not put me down.
But they won't help me.
No one will .
Cause they like seeing me cry.
It makes them happy after all.




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