When You See Someone Depressed

If you see someone depressed
Don't ask them why they're stressed
It does no help most of the time.

When you see one sitting on the floor
At the corner of the room or by the door
And you think they seem to got sour

Slowly walk to their side without
Telling them a word and put out
Your heart, your art, whatever you can give them
Put your arms around them and let them
Know they're worth loving and you love 'em

Don't do anything if you're gonna make
It seem like you are sorry for them.
Don't even walk pass them
Don't even stay in the same room
Don't ever walk in the same building
Don't ever breathe the same air
And don't even exist on the same planet
With them if that's what you'll do.
If you really don't find it dangerous to
Make them feel like they're a portrait of a failure
You better suddenly dissappear
Without even a word with them.
If you're gonna throw a pitiful look at them
You better carve your eyes out instead.
Because they did nothing to deserve
Such a catastrophe like you.


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