Your Plan


too confused to know the truth


but what was lost, was it you?

who I don't recognize 

 when did I lose you

was it when you shouted?

or when you laughed?

cause I learned that both hurt so much, so bad

you weren't there when I was exciled 

instead you were the one who reviled 

my insides fought, I was now wild

I was always no ones child

cause no one claimed me

 they were ashamed of me

or they blamed me 

it's okay, I'm ashamed of me too

 I have always been see-through 

 I run, until I run to You

sitting alone in an empty pew 

talking and talking bout things that You knew 

in the time well spent I slowly grew 

stronger and gentler I saw with new view

but this is seen by so little, so few 

and a picture of you came to mind and I drew 

a cross, a hill, and nails in your hands

while the others cry cause they didn't know your plan

to go to the Father, by His side you'll stand

to die but in three days, to come back agian 

cause now we gladly understand 

you died for us, it was part of Your plan








it took three trys but here it is, hope you like it

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