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Life is precious, fragile,

and an amazing experience.

Memories last forever.

The good, the bad,

every important memory,

can never

be forgotten


Rolling around outside,

fighting for fun.

Staying up late at night,

watching movies together,

playing video games,

exploring the creepy basement.


Just having fun,

spending time with each other.

It’s something that can easily

be taken for granted.


We would hug,

say our good-byes.

We would see each other again,

next summer.


But sometimes,

next summer,

never comes.


I remember every detail,

what i was doing,

how i reacted,

how i cried for weeks,

how everything i did

made me think of you


The crushing news

of your suicide.

I will never forget

the good memories,

the bad memories,

the happy memories,

or the sad memories.


Every single one

Will stay with me.


You are my angel, Angelo.


I wrote this about my cousin Angelo who I was very close to. He was very into drugs for a long time until he finally went clean. However the temptations and other issues were too much for him to take, so he took his own life.


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