Cliff Bully


It’s you

You that I am scared of

You chose me as your target all because of the way i look

Or maybe it’s because I’m better than you

Are you mad at the fact that I don’t have to

Depend on a person to hurt to make myself feel better?

You’re like the wind and I am the tree

You keep pushing me,

You keep trying to break me

You want me to fall

I’m breaking I’m falling apart

Are you happy now? You have pushed me to the edge

I’m at the cliff, ready to step off, or maybe you will just push me off yourself.

Day after day I have put up with you and I have allowed you to do the things you did to me

But if I step off I don’t have to suffer

I don’t have to endure a pain you have that you are giving me.

I don’t have to live with your bullying.


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Isabel Rosales

i wrote this poem in inspersation to how bullying can affect someone to think that there is no other way out.

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