The Dairy of Ann-other girl


Forever engaged to silence 
getting through day by day
smiling and laughing 
pretending your okay
"Im fine" or my favorite "I already ate"
she pretended to happy 
but all that was fake
she went home everyday 
wallowing in her self hate
crying, and fighting 
the monsters in her head
the ones that her parents told her 
were hidden under her bed
no one knows 
the pain that she feels
Winter, summer, fall
long sleeves all year-long 
never eating it all
the sun begins to rise 
she still sits there and cries 
wanting one of these days 
for when she falls asleep
but doesn't wake up
....she just dies 
some of you may think this poem is depressing and sad 
but truth of the matter 
people this is a message that i hope you don't see as bad
i was this girl
three times i tried to die 
everyday i went home to cry
still suffers with these problems 
still trying to 'turn it around"
waiting for happiness somewhere somehow


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