Eating Disorder? No ways!

135 pounds?!

There's no such thing as having an eating disorder when you're so fat

Eating disorders are for the skinny people

For my friend, who is 105 pounds and eats whatever she wants


Eating disorders are for the pretty people

For girls with boyfriends and great social lifes

I have an eating disorder?

No ways! It's called dieting! 


It's called hard work and exercise

It's called getting skinny

Becoming pretty

Eating less and running more


Who can tell me how much I should eat?

Only me! And I say that I can eat only 500 calories a day if I want to

Don't worry about me

I'm fat, my blubber will keep me alive until I'm skinny


I have an eating disorder?

I'll only have an eating disorder when I weigh less than I want to be


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