11 months & 23 days

Thu, 04/07/2016 - 18:45 -- rororo

You were gone for so long

Now you're back

Gone for too long

Eleven months and twenty three days to be exact


Oh how I missed you

Your cold touch

Your green skin

Feels like a dream I'm livin' in


You left me


I'd lost it all

Due to product recall


I'll admit it

For months I tried to replace you

To no surprise others fell short

They weren't sweeter than you

Creamier than you

Chocolate chip-ier than you

Sad story but true


Your absence made me depressed


And ice cream obsessed

But most of all


Nowhere to be seen

You were so faraway...


...until last Thursday...


Oh Blue Bell!

Oh Blue Bell!

Now you're back!

Back on the ice cream rack!

Blue Bell's Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream

It's here to stay

So stand up everyone

And shout 'hooray'!

I can smile again!

Taste again!

Enjoy ice cream again!

Oh how I missed

My long lost friend


Blue Bell's Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream

I feel like I'm hallucinating

With you right here before my eyes

Its true what they say

True love never dies

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My family
My country
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