Got a Secret (Can You Keep It?)

I am not okay.

This is all a lie.

I'm not who you think.

Let me clarify.


I spend my days

laughing off my pain;

I spent my nights

silencing my brain. 


I appear to have

my whole life planned out,

but I can't think straight

I just want to shout:


Let me go,

Let me out,

Send me away,


Just do anything 

to escape the truth.


I lie my whole life

cause the truth's a shame:

I don't feel a thing,

but that's okay.


I am told I need

to express myself,

but there's nothing there

for me to share.


My life is a picture

everything is framed,

I am posed with a smile,

laughing through the shame.


I lie every time,

and I don't know why;

my life is a secret and 

I'm going to keep it.

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I love this. You express yourself really well, and your formatting is great.


Thank you! When I first wrote it, I was kinda rapping it in my head so that it had a nice rhythm.

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