A Place Called Desolation

Wed, 09/10/2014 - 11:01 -- Nikole

The sunlight is gone

and the threatning shadow of rain

makes the earth seem unknown

with its strange glow again.

The warm breeze twirls quickly.

The plants-too green- hasten their dance,

and the dark and bright sky above me swirls-

a single drop breaks the silence.

I close my eyes, letting the torrent

chill me to my soul.

For so long this feeling has been pent,

now my spirit is but a black coal.

Just one small spark, and all is lost.

"Not one bit of warmth," the rain remarks,

"that line cannot be crossed."

But I can't stay in the storm,

or this godforsaken nation.

I need to get warm

and away from the place called Desolation.


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