she is now a cutter


It all started one day

she got threatened, got made to do something she didn’t want to do

thought it would get better, but no, it stayed the same

got worst after a while, she started losing friends, people started talking behind her back

she began to lose herself esteem, but faked a smile, she couldn’t look weak or attention seeking

she cried at night, she started to die inside

she needed a break, something to relieve herself from the stress that society placed on her

then one day while shaving her legs and idea occurred

that night in her misery she took that blade and dragged it across her skin

she felt so alive to be able to see the blood run down her legs, so strangely excited

her mental pain turned into physical pain

the tingling was such a distraction, she cut more and more

then she realised what she had done, she quickly bandaged it up, the pain almost unbearable yet so relieving

awakening the next morning she wore pants

went through the same routine for days on end, she tried to stay strong but she couldn’t

cutting was her escape, she became addicted, so ashamed and disgusted at herself

they started to heal, she now had scars

but the cuts on the inside never healed

 she can’t be a pretty girl ,not now with all these scars

what’s ll.the use of giving up, no one loves a girls with scars, she might as well keep on going

when she saw a blade she saw it differently, it meant something more than just a blade

it represented freedom, relief, almost happiness


this girl still cuts, she cannot stop, life has not gotten any better.

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