Wed, 09/25/2013 - 16:06 -- rareese

I’ve dealt with a lot.

I’ve been bullied,

I’ve been heart broken,

I’ve been ignored,

I’ve been abandoned,

I’ve been invisible,

I’ve been a target.

They tell me it’s just the

“High school experience.”

I disagree.

High school isn’t about losing yourself to fit in,

It’s about finding out who you are

Before you’re thrown into the real world where you have to stand for something.

I was told that this,

This place of bullies,

Of bitches,

Of jerks,

Of too much in too little time,

Of lies,

Of bullshit,

And of everything in between,

Is the high light of my life.

If this is it,

If this is the best that it will ever be,

Someone end it now.

It has to get better.

It has to be more than broken promises.


I trusted you.

I trusted the lies you spit to keep yourself in good standing.

And when I came to you,

When I was broken, defeated, and alone,

You did nothing.

You watched me cry.

Don't get me wrong, 

I understand that she's your star.

She was great.

But she broke me.

She broke me because she never knew me.

She never knew,

But you let her judge me.

You let her destroy me.

You knew.

You knew me, you knew her.

You know that I was looking for a reason,

A reason to stay,

And you gave me a reason to hate myself -

Even more than I already do.

I wonder if you're proud.

I wonder if they're proud.

Your little star made it after all.

She did what it took.

You just had to make sure she was capable.

Was it fun?

Was watching me destroy myself nice?

I hope you liked it.


Show's over.

And now it's time for another year.

At least this time I'm already broken.

Tell your stars to find a new target,

I'm hanging up my bullseye.

One day I'll be bigger than this place.

You won the battle.

But the war isn't over.

I've been broken before.

Same song, 

Second verse.


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