Heartbreak ?

I asked you why and started to cry 

you were my security blanket 

you were supposed to make me and my heart feel 


I say please don’t let it be another girl

You are vague. 

You don’t want to talk to me. 

You don’t want to dwell on what you’re doing. 

You're breaking my heart. 

I’m sorry does my vulnerability make you uncomfortable? 

Does this pathetic mess make you squirm? 

No you say. 

“Of course not. It is not you it is just me.”

”I need space you make me feel like I can’t breathe” 

Well no you’re wrong, now it is just. Me. 

The next day I ask you why 

and you say I have already guessed it. 

I realize I’m asking the wrong question 

and I ask who 

you don’t need to be concerned you say 

you act like you’re going to know her 

and then after that you start to respond slower 

and slower 

and slower. 

I am not like you 

I can’t just move on and not look back 

my whole world is in a review mirror

and you are there as well

turning the other way 

I remember hearing you say 

not to be worried . 

Who is your baby 

you would ask 

I’d roll my eyes and give you attitude 

but you wouldn’t give in until I said it was me...

Well forgive me darling,

I don’t believe your bullshit lies 

that you’ve been only talking to her for a week. 

Who is your baby?

because fucking you left me. 


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