What I Thought


I thought you were something special,

Not like any other boy,

But I guess I thought wrong.

I thought I had finally found someone who liked me for me;

Someone who wasn't just there to admire my body,

And ask for things I couldn't provide.

I love you, a lot,

But it seems like you enjoy my appearance more than my actual feelings.

You said I was different because I was quiet,

And that that was my best quality,

But the more we talk,

The more I come to realize that I'm just a little barbie girl,

Just your little toy.

You know, you made me smile in the beginning;

Just a shy smile,

But it spread into my heart.

You had my whole heart smiling there for a moment,

But now it's not.

I'm not smiling anymore;

Back to being sad and depressed,

Thanks for that.


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