"Shh... Its our little secret."

Hands. Toutching my arms, gripping the skin so rough that my fingers tingle. 

Chest. On top of mine, crushing what I had of "boobs'

Eyes. Dark and full of evil, they store deeply into mine warning me of what they was capable of.

Smile. Crooked and scary. enjoying my pain and crys. enjoying the way he felt. 

Clothes. Ripped on the bed. i wanted them to cover me. i wanted them to help.

People. Just downstairs, they sit. laughing as they sip their beer. completely obvlious of what is happening to just upstairs.

door. Locked, holding so much just beyond the hindges. 

Heart. Shattered in my body. too broken to be fixed.

Words. "Shh... Its our little secret."

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