It's Love

Hands held tight,

Skin against skin,

Their warmth was shared

In the lonely, cold dorm room.


Everyday felt like eternity

In heaven

When they were together,

Their hearts beating as one.


“Today’s been rough.”

“What happened?”

“Oh gosh, I…”


The tears came like a waterfall;

Gushing, pouring, dripping,

Wet slices of emotion falling down cheeks.


They’d been together for months,

And yet it felt like years.


Everyday they walked home together.

Everyday the same question.

“How was today?”

The answer always varied.


“It was fine.”



Don’t leave me.”


It was then when it hurt the most.

Their heart would ache,

Knowing the pain their lover went through.

If only they could take it away.


Ever since they met, they’d supported each other.

When they needed to go to the hospital,

They waited patiently in for their return,

And when they reunited,

They practically smashed into the concrete,

Holding each other and

Never letting go.


When they had to drop out of school,

They stayed.

They endured.

When they became homeless,

They let them come live with them,

Help pay the rent.

“I won’t let you live on the street.”


They finally got back into school,

Finally got a job,

Finally got better.

It had been going so well.


“I’m so scared.”

“Of what?”



Don’t leave.”


They were always afraid.

They told them everything.

Their darkest secrets,

Their utmost desires.

Someday they wanted to go to an ivy league college,

And support their love.

They wanted to live.


And yet,


They were afraid.

What if they left?

What if


“I won’t leave.

You’re my world.

My pearl, my crystal,

My one and only.

I’ve told you things

Not even my mother knows.

No one knows me

Like you.”


“I’m sorry”
“For what?”

“For having to put you through this.”

“I don’t mind.

Even if I have to do this

Every day,

If it calms your mind,

Then I’ll do it.”


“I’d do anything for you.”

“But that’s unhealthy”




It’s love.”



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