Photoshop is Only Skin-deep


There is so much that can be hidden 

with makeup and filters.

They can hide your impurities

and marks of distress.


But no matter what you do,

you cannot photoshop pain

I know I've tried,

and they've been attempts in vain.


Without these things, 

superficial as they may be,

I am ugly

Inside and out.

No lens can fix my heart full of holes.


I have a mask

composed of fake emotions.

More powerful than filters,

more believable than makeup.


But I am depressed.

I am alone. 

A melancholy being

who cries for help,

but no one hears,

no one hears.


But my photos...

Without filters, they look strange.

Out of place.



They are raw and frowned upon. 

"Filters improve your looks," people say.

But they just don't know...

Filter or not, 

I cannot be improved. 

I cannot change myself.

Filters do not deepen your meaning, 

or self-value, do they? 


They cannot save a life.

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