Stranger in a crowded room
Fate continues to weave at the loom
Your entire life mapped in one tapestry 
And you stand alone, helplessly 
You begin to wonder, 
Can you get away from this thunder?  
You can't, it resides within you
There is no escape, no matter what you do
The only short relief is the blade, 
A drink, but you're scared to see the creature your soul has made
The mirror is a reminder you aren't whole
Your flame of drive reduced to a mere coal
As you lay down
You begin to wither, to feel like you'll drown
Drown in all the sorrow of being nothing
Knowing you'll never be something
A cold creeps through your limbs
Your life hanging by a whim 
It soon wraps around your heart
It takes you with a start
The only way out is to leave
Not like anyone would grieve 
As you dangle you give one last sob
But finally you rest, the noose has done it's job


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