Opium: An Ended Love Affair


United States
42° 43' 54.894" N, 78° 25' 6.0492" W

This place I am, it is horribly dark.

Yet, here I will stay. I am a flightless lark.

Motionless I’ll lay.

Please, take me away.

I need this to stop,

For these yearnings to drop.

Pleads for help are soundless, I know

The thoughts or me, something must go.

I begin to see a light up yonder.

An outlook on living now is fonder.

I’ll live life, here I’ll stay-

If not ‘till tomorrow, at least for today.

Perhaps the initial thoughts were misheard.

No longer scared, I’m moving onward.

Still some dreams ache like blisters,

Dreams of “happy” come in whispers.

“Beautiful!” I say, is this life!

Lacking anger, sadness, strife.

A world of magnificence surrounds me suddenly.

All its magic spread abundantly.

Perfect serenity, sounds of peace,

Forever negativity is ceased.

I’m living life with passion so pure,

This life is love, of this I’m sure.


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