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  My father was young My mother, younger They had a song they sung Forever in love for sure   That’s what they thought
I remember the first time I watched as the sirens beamed red and blue. What could a young girl do to save someone who may or may not be innocent? Had Z been guilty?
You don't have to tell me why you love me so. Darling, when you hold my hand, I know that your love is real. . I may never understand the way you feel, For I’ve never met a girl with love like yours before. .
*_NOT EVERYONE_* _Everyone can stay not in your life, most especially fake people would find every reason to let go._ *While the real will seek all chances to stay go.* _No friends, cherish the family._ #c9_fm
Within a minute you are quick to claim your fame In another moment you completely disowned it A rebel driven by the devil words of wisdom questioned A world full of deception
Within a minute you are quick to claim your fame In another moment you completely disowned it A rebel driven by the devil words of wisdom questioned A world full of deception
Why is it people idolize famous people like they are gods? What is this fascination we have as beings we tend to be ignorant in the ways of how people really are?
Why is it people idolize famous people like they are gods? What is this fascination we have as beings we tend to be ignorant in the ways of how people really are?
I am a religious man from a small island in the Caribbean. Faith, love, hope and goodwill are my greatest possessions. My hope is as strong as the faith and the love that I have.
I been stuggling with some thoughts But thoughts aren't who I'm supposed to be Happiness I'm steady chasing, but it's all just a fantasy They say deams come true, but is it real Is it really true
^ suddenly this ain't nowhere, impressive I think --- got her swag? Tomorrow she stank. ^ I'm Turo and you ain't, it's in how alot I say thanks --- when growing up I left alot of blanks, cause I never dispute rank.
It's difficult when you're surrounded by people who love you, but who know you so well they are no longer interested. It's difficult when you're in your prime, but it doesn't really matter because you don't do anything that requires it.
Sometimes  My tears don't fall Sometimes I don't allow them to They sit there, Right near the bags under my eyes   Or right on the center of my cheeks greeting my dimple with a smile
Do you know how it feels to be so small in comparison to everyone else? And I'm not talking physically. I'm always the quiet girl with no opinions on any topic.
Mirrors would always tell the ugliest truths Reflection found in front face camera or frankly placed in front of bathroom sink faucets fed the unacceptable attributes Unallowing any filter or photoshop on face or body
I want to genuinely smile and have real friends that make me laugh.. Even more than that - I really want to get my life back on track... But it's hard to have hope for the future - cause I just can't let go of the past....
Her sister is 15 minutes away and she only sees her once a week   She walks over to her in the mental hospital   Temporary home that smells like bad food
life after death wouldnt be the same little kids in the park shoots hoops and thing playing hop scoots and other double duct riding  bikes and roller skates  being all they can now and days kids wont be 
Best friends forever? More like best friends for never Every word you ever said to me was a straight lie. You played with my head and I just gotta ask "why?" Your selfish ways will never be forgotten
Death is a woman, But how could i know it? She doesn't fall in love, But she sure doesn't show it,   Death is my oxygen, After too many amoxicillin, Is there better advice?
How far down does my deepness go? Does it only extend to the end of my clothes? Is it the shoes that I wear? Or the car that I drive? Do I appreciate the gift of simply being alive?
I have never felt something like this in my life I mean you move me Move me to the point where i will change my ways for you I will stop my habits and improve myself for you if that is what you desire
Oh dear love, I've never quite expressed you to the people I care for because of embarrassment or shame,
Dear God, Are you real? The world is tearing itself apart Darkness grows and consumes so many Leaving broken children, bitter mothers, hardened fathers People hurt others and are hurt by them
Dear Dad, You may think life is hard, but life is what you make it. You have to live every day like it’s your last. You can’t waste your life away you have to make the most of every moment.
As you start to rise, success can come at a fatal price,the risk outweights the chance of a changing life,As each day passes its once step forward or stay behind.... I remind myself of the things i seen, with the cautious thoughts of that could ha
Ya keep callin' Keep callin I won't answer To these lames playin' games I think they messed up
Good afternoon Good morning Today we're going back To the 90's Only wish I could Back when Back then Everything was so simple Had a cute katana A pink little flip phone
Let no man be lesser. For all Are mere specs on the backdrop of the void. No, they are particles Inside an expanse of nothing. We are Merely the reality of our
I am human, so are you. I am learning, and you are too. The mistakes we make, we learn to forgive. This is the real love, we have to give.  But not to worry, not to fret.
Because I love you, it isn't really about the infatuation phase It's not the falling, It's the catching. It's making sure you're good and asking every day. 
Dear momma Thank you for giving me Real Love The kind of love where I feel safe enough To be myself and shine Real Love
“Because I love you…” is not a weapon It may not be used to make me do or say what you please   “Because I love you…” is not a competition I am not a prize, we either lose or win together  
You see it was these long nights in the winter   I found out in the fall  We're nearly past the aftermath the breaking point of it all
I use to be a, lesser version of myself. And in this, no longer existing, version, the person I have become was always relevant, just not present. The qualities and characteristics of lesser I, let us call thee, Helena,
    Once upon a time the three little pigs. The three little pigs were old enough to go to college.
The tale of how my grandparents became a couple is family legend. Their dads worked together in central Wisconsin. When Bill ignored Judy at a country dance, she went over and kicked him for being rude. Three months later, they were engaged.
〰 I Am that Real 〰 I am the element in the steel of these heels; the strength in this metal when it's chilled. A woman with so much determination and will, because titanium flows freely through my organs and cells.
An inquisitive mind-- flourished from oppression into a cave as rich as Reed mine Where tourists can flood my thoughts Pick at my gold and sell it for their lives Stabilizing their own While weakening my historic rise
It sucks to suck. It sucks we all suck. Suck it! I guess it's useless. There aren't many people who are a real. I ain't talking about a the trend of being real, I mean really real.
Reality, hit so hard you do not know what your next step would be. Cannot see the future cannot focus on the present so many things going on things get hectic.
Who are you? Who am I? Does anyone really know? Who are you to tell me what I should say or what I should show?  
Could this be real. I've felt the pain, the heartache seemed to be endless, Yet the joy so fulfilling, my smile so genuine Could this be real. The beauteous sunlight, the luminous starlight,
Let's not get to specifics,  The details are written in this you just have to look, they're hidden. Thinking twice is absolutely forbidden, you just do and try to mitigate the truth.
I contemplate abstract necessities Non essential remedies mixed in with ketamine and I inject it through my veins, please don't make fun of me while hiding under me,
i was born a stoner lyrically on one but I’m sober over popping up eventually like I was a gopher I’m searching but I can’t find meanings
And I am tired, and I am alone. Shout it from the rooftops, It should be known. As a whole we "somehow grown." But how am I still tired, and how am I still alone
I'm a tiger.  He's a lion, Or maybe it's a she. Well, I guess it doesn't matter, Because I am better than them, you see?   You may call them the animal kings, And, yes, they're pretty tough,
Failure.Seven letters perfectly construed to describe my very existence. Misunderstood.Four syllables that boom in my ears, deafening the good thoughtsthat are now few and far between.
I am Poetry I envision my life as lyrics to music Ahhh the floetry P for Powerful I am powerful with the words that I write My tongue is the sword that shines when there is no light
Each step forward was like a child learning to walk Each word from your tongue made me weak in the knees, hard to talk; Uncontrollable laughter reminded me of my childhood days
I seek to be free Only then will I really be able to see, Who the real me is supposed to be. I have a wild soul, Im not made to be tamed. Im a nice person I swear,
Once there was a girl that cried at night Her daddy would hate and hit and fight When she got older her mother remarried And it felt as if a great weight had been carried But she couldnt forget the scars in her mind
Many think they know who I am, But the truth is you don't. For starters my name is Akeylah Giles. Many know me as the girl with a Big voice,
Everyone talks about being real But it seems like The things that are real to them Are new cars, posting statuses, horny rap artists, bright lights, and mobile devices All these 'real' things
I/My Mother,For starters,she's clever. No animal Will standin this recital. We'll take this island by storm.Absolutly absurdit might be But best believeHer and meA diligent duocomparable to a cyclone. Forget about technology.All phonesand drones. 
Your personality is a smile. You glow with it, beautiful with such imperfections.   
If I showed you the happiness that you do to me, would you stay? Even just for one more day. Cause I know I'm a wreck lately, and I've been nothing but a pain. Do we have anything left to gain?
I didn't know colors.  I thought that they were mixed,  a simple product of light,  bouncing off,  as rays.  Only the modern physics.   That's all I saw.  The calculated facts. 
Must I be patient for my own demise? I do not know what is out there, beyond crests of time, pillows of snow & schemes of wonder. Lust towards unknown  and unheard of realities.
Something within beats madly, angrily forcing thoughts to the surface.
I fucked up a valium... I been fuckin up. You? That shit don't mean shit... "you, you you..." I been thru that shit... it's all about me now. I'm the head. you're the tail...
Buy the ammo You'll get a discount Courtesy of the NRA You know, the people who sit on leather Wear silk And sip the finest wine Courtesy of the assholes Who lack a moral compass And shoot to kill.
Don’t foresee Everything With discontent   A day Will come For you too Beauty Is not something That is concerned To the way you look The only thing
SAD   IT Will BE   For A Father TO Feel For the Death OF HIS Daughter   Who was HIS “Precious Pearl”   IT would have Been A very  
I Am   A stunning self-confident young lady is what I Am A creative, wise and understanding person is what I Am
Looking through glass I see me looking back at me
I am written. In words not many know. I am known by the font I type my stories with.
On days of satisfaction I embrace the lights that illuminate our urban lifestyles But on days of frustration I am capable of bending that light into fragile reflections, which shed the truth amongst all creations
This is an image of my past as you can see.   I'm not the entire focus.  I'm one of many people.   Taken years ago, you look upon it and it appears to be taken on a regular summer day.  
How does it feel to have a fire that doesn't burn? As I detach and turn the page I have been tainted with empty rage I'm aware of the heat as the ember blazes
Exerting More Energy,    Causing More Pain.   
If I was falling through the sky
What color is perfection? That elusive transcendence from reality That which demands unnecessary change I see you, and you are transparent.   I am flesh and bone I bleed when I am cut open
A man he lay in a pool of blood his dreams and goals all shattered just because of his color, skin color his life was taken by six shots.   His family mourned for days and months
#Instagram #LOL #Live without the makeup. without the drama.  without the hate.  I don't have an Instagram.  #nofilter #truebeauty #showwhoyoureallyare We love you for you. 
Natural I Am 
Following what society thinks is right I try to alter my camera light. This will create the most optimal picture, And allow me to avoid the tedious stricture. Pictures are only one side of me, 
Red locks of fire Framing my expression Eyes of changing colors  From under the earth to the green above Legs of a gazelle  Nose of a boar Wide grin and sparkling teeth Pristine and perfect
When I look in the mirror,
Tomorrow is a race Yesterday is a name Today is a chase No means to an end
Perfection. Is the definition of perfection perfect? Who could really define perfection? If someone added a picture to it, who would it be? Certainly not me. I would be plastered in the antonym section as
My name is Namirah and I am known as the middle child. When people meet me they certainly don’t know I can be wild.
You helped me see the light of day You helped me be the person im supposed to be You shined your light on my life You made me better not anyone else Although you can't see this poem
I'm just another colored kid living in the suburbs. Picket fences all around, all painted my neighbors color.
I won't turn my back, after being your friend And drive your name into the ground I won't abandon you when you need me Because you can be tough to deal with I notice I am different, in this aspect that is
Echo, you privilege soul Stand by as I pillage your home Watch as they rave your condemnation We have yet to live.  
The smiling face in pictures On the websites that you see… Who is that? That is me.   But,
people always want money but shit that's not what i need i dont need a three story house with a huge glaring tv i dont need six figures i just need to figure it out figure out why we're here and what life is about
Hiding in
You are not invisible not in any way, shape, or form. I know you see things differently. you dont have a "set in stone" way of thinking. You think of evrything, possibly, too often.
I'm addicted to beauty, Addicted to destruction. I'm addicted to pieces and broken things Because I'm trying to find my "whole". I'm addicted to the sunrise, And to the moonrise,
 Today when I look in the mirror, I know that all I value is shown, I will have no fear, nor flee as a deer, I can not conceive how I must have grown,  To allow myself to perservere, 
Behind these eyes of mine is a person, just an ordinary person who always feels she never fits in.She takes pictures and finds uplifting quotes to put on her pictures so she can look at them and think she is beautiful.
From today until tomorrow, years later to forever I want to make an impact that would change the world There are moments when we see the violence coming and no one is in sight to stop it
I am the future I am a leader I can contribute to changing the world It starts with me, with you and I together 
Being Flawless doesn’t mean you’re beautiful To me its means I’m myself I am me 100% of the time But do people see that?
She searches for something to fill her soul, everyday digging a deeper hole, a
There was a smell of growth in the air tonight. What did growth smell like?
  Delusions of grandeur. Although,
A 17 year old child applying for college, built for success, wisdom, and knowledge. A plethora of information has been deposited into him, But due to his black skin many have trained him on a whim.
Looking through my photos but this girl doesnt look like me  She looks like the girl that I wanted to be  They comment saying that I'm beautiful
Bleeding because it paints the pictures so heavily spilled in my mind. And seeing the crimson upon my skin Gives me pain that makes me real.   Crying because It makes me view
You were born to be real, not perfect and to know in your heart that you are worth it I was born to add to this thing we call life 
All is one in the universe, son. You need not fear, we all end up dying young. Remarkable fortune will surely appease Your preoccupied mind and your failure to see That salvation is in front of your eyes.
"Write about a trouble in your life," they say- but in no way      can I relay        the way that I got laid
What have I learned about heartbreak?  
"Anormal", "Wrong", "Needs To Be Fixed", "Queer!" That's but a small bit of the everyday soundtack that I hear. "No, I don't want a Kiss.", "I'm not broken.",  "Please don't touch me there!"
My face is not my canvas I can contour I can paint I can outline I can manipulate I Cannot tell a story I Cannot move others emotionally I Cannot be studied   My real canvas
I remember how the dogs never slept at night, how sticky my skin got after a day in the heat, how I stopped taking showers because I thought   lake water would do just fine, and if your hair got greasy,
People always say a picture is worth a thousand words
Happy or Sad You'll never know
My Brain is boundless It's easy to get lost there. My Thoughts are an endless storm It's effortless to see unclear.  My Emotions wax and wane like waves
I tried so hard So hard to just show who I am But  It scared me  Because I felt like no one would like who I am I just wanted to be free So free that I wouldn't care what other people thought
I wish things wouldn't be so rough
Theres an artist behind this Idiot Theres an Ocean beneath this pool and it's full of sharks I present a calm surface because no one can fathom the depth and once they stick a toe in and realize there is no bottom
Stubborn and partially rude seemed to be what they are used to seeing , sometimes goofy, flirtatious, and crazy or even causing a scene. People are oblivious to what lies underneath,
Warm humbling nights after rain,quiet mornings when the day is brand new - 
Each and everyday, I pretend and hide away, Though many do not see, That is not truly me.   I wish that I could show, There's so much that they don't know, But my past is still not known,
My mind's boggled up inside sometimes I don't think straight, I don't know
I'm surrounded by these barbie dolls their make-up so plastered like those white walls,  Noses up in the air proud and feared as if they're drowning in this atmosphere. They spit on those seats so low
I knew she was Dumb
I used to be afraid to come out and say look, you hurt me Hurt me with the pain of a billion crying souls crushing mine like the compression Of earths plates Here comes me seeping out the seams like magma from a volcano
Outside I am smiling and having a ball
Even in all the aftermath
The purest color of all others The most revealing if stained Yet this color hides my mind from lurking emotions Invincible sadness that would otherwise consume my entire being  
If you look at me, You see happiness You see a smile You hear a laugh every few minutes. When you look at me, You don't see The pain The depression The tears I want to shed
Life comes with ups, downs, ins and outs. Dos and don'ts, wishes and hopes. Dreams and goals. Love for others only cause self that is just as bold. Knowing your place and playing your role.
The sins of the mother are what worry me A cult is what she leads Psychologically defective I scream my invective But what worries me are the seeds Such things grow in genetics Such freak heretics
what am i doing with you i know you cant hear me saying this and i know you never will but i cant tell the landscape from a back drop at the moment the lines between reality and my mind are blurring
my ink's gone dry lost. with all that's left of who I used to be   who was that girl? who is this girl? where did the rest of me go   it's as if what I was
If I stayed within the lines, would these words read any clearer?
I write for myself. I write because I never have the courage to speak to others about my thoughts, or my fears, worries, and stress.
all i want to be is real.
Stopped in front of the old dirt road.  I usually do what I'm told. And that night the warmth felt so damn cold. I was feeling young but too old, anticipating the trouble I'd watch unfold.
So you want to know what makes me tick? Then listen up because sometimes you can be thick,
No frills No fluff No sugar coat   Let's just jump
I am a dystopia whose fault line you are just waiting to fracture, Splintering me into chaotic shards, The world tells me on that sunshine tulip-coated poster: “You must love yourself before anyone can love you”
I’m from the collage of photos above my bed, And the guitar in the corner. I’m from piles of books and country music.
I still don't know myself.
Your fingernails tear through my flesh as we spin through dead air, my arm clenched around your neck for life,  Your blood boils just as mine, and when the pressure is released,
I'm looking around  I see the world is a wreck Nobody wants to work  They want that welfare check Wondering why their kids don't  Have any respect 
Can I just be real with you today?Because there are just some things that I feel that I have to say.
Three word with so many meanings.
I feel like I've been left in the dark, No one will ever understand the hurt of my heart, The pain that I feel, Or the scars on my heart that will never heal. I done been through so much i can't even deal.
Tell me how could real eyes realize real lies, when you're the one who's always walking blind? You wak with yor head held high in t sk wth such pride, and have the nerve to say that you're "the realest man alive."
Friends meaning of friend has it changed over time has it lost its value look at your friends are they what you would call a friend the old english meaning is to love
An Exit Ashley Shea A sign upon a door Search for your red sign Take your effortless way out An escape from your despair You take the worlds brutal hits With each wound you quiver
Unable to socialize had a hard time fitting in Never seem to get noticed even by smallest living thing. Used to look in the mirror and study myself hard asking painful questions I later regret.
A Queen Birth from Sin Placed in a world ran by men. She can made up of various colors. A women Is a mans strength, his rock, his joy. A beautiful flower that has its own structure and design.
I've cried I cry So much that they have stained my skin I've spoken I scream Either way, you still haven't heard me  I've heard I listen And you keep saying the same thing
Time with you is incredible unforgettable unbelievable   Nights are never-ending Days never exist Connections come and go like the money we gamble   Your touch is intriguing
I'm losing my mind it's three in the morning and my mind is starting to unwind, I'm going on auto drive and everything is so intensified,
Electricity and power and thoughts inside Music, and wonder and time It’s just a glimpse inside my mind   Worry and hope and tears I’ll cry Happiness and running and learning to fly
To write each night and da
Who am I?  Am I the person you see right in front of you?  Am I the person you hear people talking about?  Am I the person crying out for attention?  Am I the person who needs your approval on who I am? 
I hear the word so often that I have become numb to it. I think that is the worst part.  They call me out of my name and they hate me so much.
Change in one's self only happens within that one breathe, to change replenishes the unclean from being the broken to the mistaken.
I place the key in the ignition,I put the car in driveand press the gas pedalbut I go no where. I open my mouth,and move my lips,I push air out
Take your money and bury it down
I’ve been shaking lately, A thumb pitter-pattering on a desk, Trembling fingers holding paper,
People day by day tell me how blessed I am and how I don't see it
The serpents eye is misleading, 
We are so focused on teaching our young people to dream that we forget to teach them how to reach these things
I'm gettin cold thinkin of the memories and I will never forget us, you and me but that's okay I am on to the next girl don't get caught up on one there's more in the world open up like eyes when they dialate 
Wait... Stop... Please? I beg you to reconsider You're beginning to fade away Already one foot in your grave   This life will get you Pit you in the middle between lions and bears
what would i say could change? it would be me. My knowledge of how powerful education really is and how successes could better me. How education would have helped me become a better me.
Ok, So We know what hip-hop is, but we really get it? Its more than trying put on an act and performing a skit. You have rappers nowadays that make no sense, trying go on the attack without any defense.
Turn a misonception into your greatest lesson break away from the crowd and make an unfamilliar impression
  Kill yourself States the loud, infuriating, voice that  I to want to listen to since you have so desperately told me to do so, an abundance of times.
You think the world changing
Today I offered My glasses To the unfortunate soul Who was chosen To read what was on the blackboard.   So pale he was, Like a vampire, That unfortunate soul.  
Here I write my vindicationFor my rightful dedicationWhile through holy elevationMy mindset moves to idolizationWhile in sweet elationTo a land of implication
I am far removed from my appearance Well behaved child of separate parents Sacrificing for others always Only all done for convenience   Nice because I am naïve Yet nice gets me what real doesn’t
I shall not shed a tear when your heart leaves mine I shall not show the fear inside I shall not miss your touch I shall not miss your warmth near I shall not miss your lips upon mine
You don’t want to invest the timeTime is nothing, you lieEverything was beautifulRoses in the garden,Cloudless skiesBut the raging clouds kept coming from your eyesOn that day,
Glancing out the dusty window, I see the mist slowly fall, I look into the mirror hanging on my wall, I inspect myself thoroughly finding things to blame, I pick and prod and tear apart my body’s external frame,
“Asian” used to be a thing of beauty, But now there are images of labor— Simply that is our soul duty. But we, just like all, are humble neighbors.   Here I am, color of sand
Words Empty, fleeting, fickle words Do this assignment, read these pages How many words do you speak in a day? How many of them actually mean something? God spoke and breathed life
Why stress over them, instead why not god bless 'em earning minimum wage probably is a struggle, but giving students Fails so quickly on the double
We live in the country of freedom, yet we feel confined.  Told to live like this, or like that.  When all we need is a judge free society, but will that ever happen? Not unless you're poppin. 
I am not a writer I lack the very basic need to be consistent I am unable to describe things vocal or written I do not have any stories to tell I put writing off most of the time till 3 in the morning
    Do you know what it's like to want the simplist things, but your budget just doesnt simply call for it?
She clings to her rules As tightly as she ties her bun No piece out of place, Polished and proper.   For her there is only one; One way to answer One way to think One way to question
There is no good morning when I sit in this class at 7am I don’t give a care about what you’re sayin How would listening to you rant help me Achieving a dream, is this how it’s supposed to be?
I'm drowning in the inability to let go there is no siding to grab no raft afloat just me alone in this ocean. as wilson difts away I scream in desperation, "I have lost my self control!"
If heaven is a ghetto Regardless Ima make it.Ima pour my heart out and ima let The Lord take it.Ima do good even when I'm in the hood.Dealing with the struggle, we gon' make it through the troubleHave faith in god even though his signs are odd.Alw
Everyone's views are different And I completely understand that. But why is it legal to drink alcohol, which when you have it in your system and drive can cause deaths,
Class isn't Real. Nor are the Students. Class isn't Real. Nor are the Books. Class isn't Real. Nor are the Chalkboards. All that is Real is failure. Failure is Real. As is the Homework.
Thou camest like lightening through a blue, clear sky, Like a strong wind through the trees as I walked by, Like fire consuming my heart, leaving my body sighing.
Before the first second I saw you,I was incomplete.Deep, but nowhere near seeingTo the bottom of my heart;Immersed in emotion,But not to the pointOf drowning,Slowly and all at once,
When I was young they told me money isn't real If so can I say no to this foreclosure deal? Will the hospital do free surgery on my heel? Is there anybody out there that feels like I feel?
Shattered love I'm scared to love you for I might hurt you, Or completely you might hurt me or desert me or destroy me. You got the power to defeat me make me break and fall to my knees.
Our principal hates the things we stride for From equal love to sense of style No Sir You will not quiet our souls We will rise and stand for what we proposed  No Sir You cannot silence our mouths
My heritage and my background, The color of my skin or the color of yours the length of my hair or the length of my nails, My hieght or my size only have as much power as i give them
Life. Wrap me up in it. Feed me it by spoon. Or drown me in it. Just, leave me to submerge. I'll be fine. Just...Let me be. Let me live.   I'm under lock and key,
Struggling to be understood Communication with no voice Assuming he's not making the right choice His body a prison, his mind a saint Can't escape Blood- boiling desire, useless dreams
  WORLD VIEW    analytical debates shows what a person hate its sad to see what we don't appreciate  I just hope eyes open before its too late all we need is love
You want her, But you stand her up constantly Lucky to even have a chance even at her 
  Chardae Prevo Septemeber 19, 2013 Innocent Heart
Questionable Mentality Okay so this is that good shit that I can never say to my teacher my hate seekers. This is for that little boy sitting on the bleachers.
I will never look at you the same ever again. What you did to me, I will never understand. How dare you ever tell me you adore me! When now all you ever do is ignore me. I don’t understand how I could change your mind.
I loved you so much,Your feel.Your touch.The way you walked.The way you talked.I loved it all, so much.
Poems are hard but writting is easy. So this all might sound a little bit cheesy. That doesn't mean that this is funny. I can write a poem when it comes to money. My pockets are empty, My loans get declined
Words rising and falling like mountains and valleys.Letters form Heroes with passion and calling.Seas of ideas, all structured in stanzas.
Poetry is a heartfelt thing coming up as a promise ring  Getting goose bumps when you sing, but when you sit down letting the world be blank You realize everything as it is
We are all given the same time but what does that dictate that a plant can walk or a dog learn to speak. When seven billion people exist how many can truly be seen but a few in the gleaming light of stars embrace.
I write to escape, to embody myself in a world free of space and time where my pen can't keep up with my mind as I overflow with rhyme expressing my love, expressing my life.
Escape Because a cruel world needs a safe place Dream Because sometimes a piece of paper and a pen can create a new reality Emotion Because tears come to often and tissue runs out Love
I write to release, I write to not feel. I write to express feelings that I know are real. I write when I'm confused, I write when I'm alone, I write when there's no one but myself at home.
REAL NIGGAS, define as a man who pack heat, but then dead on the street. REAL NIGGAS, make love to a women and leave with no return, but another person scar and burn.
Sometimes it is difficult to find, myself when behind closed eyes, all that resides, is darkness, seemingly vast. It is tricky knowing, which way to cast, my trust,
My selfish self wants to stand out and shine, Like the glowing eyes from the roadside in the night Making many folks alert of my existence. Yet, all my life I’ve been watching from behind those dazzling bright eyes,
I write because I am free to DREAM, I can be no one else but ME, it helps me to ESCAPE from REALITY. I am a DEEPER REFLECTION OF ME.   I write what I FEEL, too afraid to SPEAK UP ON WHAT IS REAL,
i write because others write one day i heard someone speak without making a sound the book opened on my lap spilled with words that were so loud at the end of every sentence and/or phrase, was a bold statement
Why I write The externalization of my internal fight My words take flight What I convey not always a delight The emotions are real, Flashing before your eyes Masquerading in my desguise
I used to be depressed And at times I even desired death My feelings were strong and extreme It was the consequence Of trials and times That clearly took a toll on me  
I record dreams.Not because I believe they are full of meaning,But because they were something I experienced,And I don't like to forget,That which I have experienced.
Why I write is simply so when my words sprout wings and take off into my soul my mind and spirit filled with dismay writing is the ticket as I take on the soul train Why I write
I believe that in order for someone to truly develop and mature they must invest in themselves. In order to invest in themselves they must recognize what type of person he or she is
  Poetry is more than words put together in rhymes and stanzas. It’s more than a couplet Or even iambic pentameter. To me it iss utter expression.   A way to scream and shout
You use them to communicate, you use them to express your hate, you use them to depict your fate, you use them to inovate. but i use them to fight, i use them to make things right,
Words written in led or words written in ink; whenever I find a chance, I really begin to think.   Words written in red or words written in pink; When I find the chance to write, it feels like it was meant to be.
limit of limitations are limitless when i script dreams onto a blank page filled with ideas just awaiting to happen. The thought that no one or nothing could say that im wrong.
Always finding the negativeCounter exampling the positiveGood times or badEither way I'm always kind of glad When I talk with youIt takes away the bluesYour nice sweet voiceCan make me rejoice
The way your eyes lit upThe way your mouth smiledThe way you used to laughWhat happened to all that We were once inseparableWe were once capableNothing came in-between Now we're only once upon a time
I finally know what is real. dedicated to what I will make come true.
Can you hear the screams and my dreams that are dieing slowly? My parents keep saying they did their best, that I can have the best, but that I can never rest. With sweat slipping through each follicle. Where are my brothers and sisters?
Allow me to massage your mind, and kiss your thoughts...Let me make love to your ambitions,Mutual support has always been our favorite position.The beauty of your intelligence, made my ego sprung to listen,
Knees bent as you take your mark. You know that feeling when you forget and wash away and race across that finish line and the ribbon breaks. Then suddenly you come back to life.
Today I am a leader, An independent, A scholar.   Yesterday I was shy. Timid, And a follower.   Today I speak in front of large crowds, Rooms of people,
Normal is a horribly ugly word It imprisons the people it labels takes beauty and cages the bird Diaries make for lonely companions yet here I write my darkest words As the shadows on the wall mimic phantoms
Poetry is fluid Poetry is right Poetry is life Poetry is fight Poetry is fun Poetry is truth Poetry is ... Expressing you
                                                         Poetry helped destroy the Berlin Wall. Poetry encouraged Allied nations to liberate all decent prisoners off the Holocaust’s downfall.
Skittles In one hand ice tea in the other There came a night when A boy walks with skittles in one hand and Ice tea in the other This boy did not know this would be his last walk
Saluzcion's Never been the type to write my name on a ballot and cast a vote Placing my goals and aspirations on the next man's hope; nope Wasting time slow; going through procrastination,
I rather be thought a fool then open my mouth and remove all doubt; speaking on things I know nothing about or live through But the sad truth is so vague Like body ash in a cigarette ash tray, pause,
As I sit back and reclined Enjoying a cubano and glass of wine I cant help but think of the modern times; where ladies are hard to find, and all I see is dames and dymes
I'm either gonna rise above poverty or define my existence A poetic vision, encrypted with a hustler's ambition, listen dying for what a icon stands for ain't the mission
Isolation and depression Go hand-in-hand When you’re too far away from where you should stand.
I was concieved as nothing less than a miracleFrom 3-7 was too damn hysterical8-12 i was growing up, afriad to be minimalSo by 13 I became an infamous criminalFrom 14-16, i paid my does, so i thought; super imbecil 
A few years ago, I had to make a decision Remain in the hood and risk going to prison Continue to allow the evil to cloud my vision Or pick up a pen and become a musician Ever lyric, every bar, became my ammunition
It's not that I wanna screw it up, I just so happen to be good at itIt's not as if I don't wanna quit, but unfortunately for me I'm like my father another addict.
I know you know my struggles; I know you my pain So there's no need explain why I'm emotionally drained   I'm feeling deranged; living in shame; Going insane, losing my brain
Why do we write? Why does poetry exist? "Poetry is useless" Well this world is fruitless These words I speak, type, write my only sense of light Our only way to fight
I don't write because it's my passion, that I would touch millions of souls with my mind, I'm not dying for that to happened. I write because it's my reliever. the pen as it moves acrosss the paper helps me to alievate the pain I suffer.
We fear rejection, we want attention, We crave affection and dream of perfectionWe wanna screw life; penetrationBut shes screws us over; procrastination In the end we end up jerking ourselves; masturbation
It's more than obvious; we live in a cold world Where society's aim is impregnate every boy and girl We fall for lies, sewn to the pattern of the embezzlement ties
A wonderer -- A wanderer -- Imagine it! To be. Where you adjust your frame of mind to fit your every piece.  And every patch you thought was waste? And shard that pricked and screeched?
Poetry, How I express my feelings, My love, My Pain, My thoughts, It gets me through the tough times, And guides me to the happy ones, It is my stress relief, My shoulder to cry on, My Love, My Addiction, Such a simple word, Is "Poetry", But its p
If I cannot speak, the writing will do it so As I write my chapters of life, words can let you know One moment I feel like dropping the pen But I hold onto it and keep going again.
When You Have a Big House or When You Have Only Greens In your wallet You Don’t See the Real’s and Fakes Of Both Life and Wealth
The world around me is like a prison Capturing the demons that live within it Torturing their bodies, invading their souls Held captive, waiting to be freed Confined to their life  
  Oh, you got it all figured out? She writes the screams in her head. You say cause she’s insane someone better call the feds. When truth is, that’s a shield:
Last I checked , there isnt a politically correct way to express my feelings Cop cars and open bars , late nights are supposedly the "great nights" right ? Wrong ! Can i just walk to the store to get some milk ?
That Life we Live We don't live the life of boredom We are free, we are birds We are always on the move seeing new things, & new things seeing us..
What is this insane reality that I live in. Its seems to be that every time I come to see. I can't still believe. I'm walking 'round Blind I'm worse than the mice. I'm awakening from beauty.
Ten I tell you of your sin Nine The anguish of your Eyes Eight Its the thing God hates Seven That No good girls go to Heaven Six Because no good girls exist. Five
There are a lot of things as to what poetry means to people, so inevitably there is something for me.
Clank! Number five. My sisters and I count each clank into the trash can, growing more uneasy with each one We usually don’t get very scared until number eight, that’s when he starts to fuss
I'm tall, your short which ones better? big boobs? small ones? or how about this big ass, small bum I just love mine who cares, because thats the way I am! The way I am! what can I say
Every morning she paints on her face. She removes the bags from under her eyes, and hides the ones lying inside. She tries her best to cover the stains, tries her best with the ones in her brain.
There was a butterfly Way up in the blue sky. Looking out the window I was able To see the beautiful world while sitting at the table. I had plenty of noodles in my bowl
now in truth I know I'm only 16 so I have years and years to progress into a dream, you see all these stars are gettin old their times almost up so get to stepping old-timers and back the hell up, make way for this generation.
now in truth I know I'm only 16 so I have years and years to progress into a dream, you see all these stars are gettin old their times almost up so get to stepping old-timers and back the hell up, make way for this generation.
As much as I sit and try to rebel against the religion I was brought up on I pray. I pray that one day my life will be what I hoped for it to be. I pray for happiness. I pray to see the world. I pray for hope.
I'm shutting down What else am I to do? Till you come around Till then I'll wait for you So broken How I feel inside words unspoken All these feelings denied
I took the time off to think. Think about how life would be if I went back to the past and did things differently. Sometimes I feel like maybe life would be better if I wasn't here. Suicidal thoughts? Never!
Whatever happened to "REAL" love; the kind that caught you by surprise & pulled you from under a rug; the kind that made you smile -just because?
You're not good enough And you never will be You're ugly You're too fat No one will ever like you Because you're fat You're too skinny You will never look like her
To see the one I love, happy, means the world to me Even if that means I've got to set him free I love him But he loves someone else
I will never fall in love for fear of a constantly harrowed heart
Sometimes certain situations are just so hard to deal with, other situations are easy, but the hard ones teach you a lesson in life, weather its for the worst or the better.
You open your mouth But you don’t say a word Man, you gotta think what you say and what is heard People around you got you pulled up in strings You can’t even show the slightest hurt no more
I often look to the yellow lillies in the garden on campus Friends pass me and time shifts Is it not the success that people want? Or perhaps it's the driven motive in which we attempt to strive Unjust it truly is,
Welcome to this world, this cold, cruel place, Where violence and hurt are quick to replace. Here are some things to which to pay mind If, and only if, you wish to survive.
Johnny T. loves Lucy C. Her 'About Me' on Facebook has his head spinning Despite their corresponding class schedules They have never had a conversation Outside of the comfort of cyberspace
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You are a winner no matter how small You are a winner no matter how tall Physical size don't count Internal size is what it's about
Sweet and gentle is your manner Honest and kind reads your banner You're genuine and true Greater friends no one knew I am blessed beyond compare And have no better people elsewhere You gave me hope when I had all but lost it You put up with my ev
There was a man, like you and me, who born at birth could not see. His clothes were worn, his hair a mess, laid on the dirt when time to rest. His food came from a coin plate that he would beg with night and day.
I try to be perfect Smile really big Help everyone Never think of myself But sometimes It's hard I get hurt All those feelings i hold start to hold me down it's all too heavy and I break
And then silence. his voice is raised you can almost hear her cringe, he’s too far gone too many a drink her back against the kitchen sink her arms are raised his voice now crazed
Short Quick Breaths Try and hold Me together But fail In utter Lack of strength. Massive voids Consume my middle Bigger than me Yet part of Me
Do a lot of things first, and put God last And I know it isn't right, I do so wrong And I'm addicted, because I've been doing it for so long Sometimes my mind be so far gone
This is my falling down story, the one where no one caught me There’s no happily ever after, ‘cause they couldn't put us back together I’m just a damsel in distress, turns out you’re just as helpless
We're afraid to recognize the faults So life goes on with its deadly assaults Getting harder and harder everyday, but suddenly it halts Because sooner or later we unlock all the vaults Then sense pours out
We can teach how to attain power Knowledge is the key Power that can alter the world The kind that admires change Accepts it and soon wishes To free the thought of tradition Habits someday will shift
It takes real eyes to realize the real life I used to see blind until I realized the real lies I lived in a utopia where love was our core But that’s when I was four, now the thought is nevermore
Sometimes I feel blind, like I cannot see But the world sees him, and also sees her The world ignores me, and never sees me But the world shields them, while I remain blurred.
Stop Listen to the words that I say Realize the stress of today Dream for the peace of the world and live for the youth of boys and girls The streets often take hold ad have their way
From the birth One was looked at as unusual weird, not normal But why the eye deceives one to judge Not of what you know but of what you see Its hard when your trying to be Not like he or she But to be you
They say i'm way too young To find the man that is the one If i dont find him i'm going to burst That is why i put my God first
That one place The very center of my heart, My very being, My soul. It has led me to New Adventures. New Friends. Lessons Learned and forgotten. And music. Music
The room was light Misty and still As if to foreshadow the sunrise I reached the dining table To find it adorned By a half empty jar with roses Of five, six, or seven The number escapes All I remember is the moment I laid eyes on the most beautifu
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