I've Been Shaking Lately


I’ve been shaking lately,

A thumb pitter-pattering on a desk,

Trembling fingers holding paper,

A thigh tapping out my secret morse code.

And I’m unsure why.

Maybe it’s the coffee,

The lack of sleep,

The vastness of my vulnerability.

Or maybe it’s you. 


I remember how it felt

When your fingertips grazed my body.

You made me shake,

Earthquakes underneath my skin,

And I gave way,

Swayed against you.

You were the first to catch me,

Hold me up in more ways that one. 


Your tongue toyed my neck.

You made me moan,

Ripples through the air.

And I confessed.

The first time I ever said it first.

First time I ever said it? First?

My memory isn't that bad.

It’s just that they all felt like lies before you.

Carbon copied I love you’s.

This is original.

I love you.


So believe me,

It’s more than just physical when I say

I've been shaking lately.


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