I knew she was Dumb

Why is she so Stupid

"Maybe it wasn't such a good idea for you to go to THIS school" 

All these voices float in my head as I attempt to control myself and not lose my head

I say "I am just as valuable to this team as you" 

Somewhat unsure

"Yeah, whatever...you're just here to entertain me..."

At those very words my soul and by eyes both begin to burn

With an anger and passion so fierce 

Do not call imply that you're better

Ungrateful voice of the privileged being

Who knows not of the struggles I've suffered

The tiny little first grader

Who would bring home books every day from her school 

And spend hours reading so that she can be equal with her peers

Because her family couldn't afford to send her to good schools as a child

Don't you dare call me dumb

The little girl who

Managed to jump from the lowest to highest reading group in less than 3 months

You do not know my story 

My struggle 

My worth

You do not know the hundreds of community service hours I did

The IB and AP tests

My capabilities and skills

Bet you can't tell me the difference between

Downstage right and Upstage right

So the hatred cools and I happily smile at your ignorance 

I do not need you to prove my intelligence or self-worth

For intelligence is such a relative term that can measure oh so much more 

"I am an intelligent woman

I can memorize a Shakespeare play in a week

I can read music in 2 clefs

Calculus is my favorite subject

I can build a solar powered robot

I am going to a university despite the struggles I faced in the beginning of my schooling

Does that sound dumb to you?"

For once in my life

I smile as I feel happy to unveil my intelligence and prove my worth 

To someone who thinks otherwise


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