What's real is you and I

I finally know what is real.

dedicated to what I will make come true.

the worldly 'love' is fake. lust being fulfilling is false.  you can come into my life. and just as easily leave. I'll just be on my merry way. I wont stop you, or force you to stay.   no boy is ever gonna fool me. no girl is ever gunna bring me down. cause no one else built my confidence. I worked for it on my own.  don't let social pain haunt you. let those wounds turn to scars. they cant hurt you anymore, they're beautiful. they're reminders that you survived a painful time.  if our dreams collide and you stay til the end. I promise to make you the happiest man alive. you told me your acheing life story. so now, could I be your happily ever after?  


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