I'm Real


I won't turn my back, after being your friend

And drive your name into the ground

I won't abandon you when you need me

Because you can be tough to deal with

I notice I am different, in this aspect that is

But that thought is what makes me the saddest

Someone is always looking for a rumour

I refuse to be the source of it

People want to have brawl

Go ahead and scuffle, I'm not part of this

It is highschool, yet still

I am real

I am not fake

I am honest and true

I am not a liar

I am not two faced

I am myself

I am flawless

Despite what you hypocrites may say

I will not change the way I am

Or the way I speak and dress

Your pleasure is not my concern

I am my own priority

I am flawless

And although that seems arrogant

It is the truth

And it is real

And that is all the matters


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