shattered love

Shattered love
I'm scared to love you for I might hurt you,
Or completely you might hurt me or desert me or destroy me.
You got the power to defeat me make me break and fall to my knees.
But I'll never open up so that you'll see the lock and the broken key.
Maybe one day we won't be ,we'll fall off like leaves on the tree.
So ill hold you if you hold me
.but don't try to quote me.
But I know I will get lonely so there for ill condone it
and I will own it
and will show it
and leave it as words still unspoken.
Yes my heart is nearly broken and the pieces some got stolen.
Yea some hurt had me Rollin cus my heart was easily open,
didn't know where I was even goin
but steady I was showin off
my love was so far givin.
Lost in this situation in which I walk in.
It was my falt because I fallen.
But now ill stand or just sit tall. Emotions shot feelings lost, fought back tears no matter the cost.
Its what I knew and what I was.
So locked up hearts lead to bottles up.
I no longer give a f^€|<,
about your feelings
or emotion
or even words never spoken
or the lost moments that you holdin.
Take it to the valley or even the closest ally
and give it to the unknown dove that takes away the shattered love.
Jameka M. Wynn
Nov. 2nd 2012


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