Un-Filter Me


The smiling face in pictures

On the websites that you see…

Who is that?

That is me.



The truth is,

Through those filters,

A story lies beneath….

And who but me could tell it better?

So today I’ll be your story teller…


Take off the filter…

Take your thumb…

Slide left…

So what you see,

Is what you get.

Let down your hair…

Let it fall down in waves…

Step out of the box,

Because you won’t fit…

You’re you,

I’m me…


Dreams fill my head,

Love fills my heart…

I can never seem to see the bad in people.


I want to be a

Preschool teacher.

I wanna see their faces

Light up,

And know they just discovered something new.

I want their worlds

To light up like their eyes.


I want to be

A mother.

I wanna lull

Their tiny selves to sleep,

To hold them tightly

When they weep,

Count fingers and toes

Instead of counting sheep…


In truth, 

I want a lot of things...


But most of all,

I want you

to see 


The real Me.

The true Me.

The me on the inside,

hidden on the outside....


So I'll open the windows, 

I'll crack the door...

Come in.


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