Souls Held At Ransom

I contemplate abstract necessities

Non essential remedies mixed in with ketamine and I inject it through my veins, please don't make fun of me while hiding under me,

I can't see you, so I'd rather not think about it

Out loud is where my dreams are crowded

Blank stares into open space they all amountin to a mountain

Countin my blessins but I don't find any

It's all my state of mind 

I'm not too kind to myself and I can't exactly tell you why I feel this way inside cuz it ain't my pride

I've lost a million souls

And all but one was cold

That one I lost wasn't even my own

It escaped and melted away like mold

These lyrics tell a tale of the old

So when you're down and not feeling so bold,

Just read up on em and ask yourself

Is it really terrible or am I just past myself

Let me tell you a fact

In fact im feeling dull 

The knife blade wouldn't cut

I stabbed it into my whole

And started bleeding out

Never to reconsider its too late for that act my actions were interims to life's blistering winter

The sticks were the tinder for the fire that cooked dinner that shook me with her that didn't let me enter

I'm accountable for being a shitty sinner

And absolutely no winner 

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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