Eternal Roses.. <3

If I was falling through the sky

Or sinking in the sea

The only thought to cross my mind

Would be "will you rescue me?"

You're the only one I picture

Carrying me away from flames

Or pulling me from the eye

Of the darkest hurricanes

You've always picked me up

From the darkness to the light

There will never be another man

That could make me feel so right

You're the brightest star

In the darkest of my skies

You're the sun that shines and rises

When the nights moonlight dies

Our love is infinitely eternal

When our souls leave this place

We'll always find our ways back

Into each others arms we'll race

If I ever go before you

I promise you that I'll wait

Patiently with red roses

Holding your key to the golden gate

We've been through hell and back

And we left it in the past

They swore we wouldn't make it

They thought we wouldn't last

We let go of all the weight

And the worst came to an end

When we're in each others arms

Our pain and fears descend

We conquered all of our battles

We have the scars to prove it

But now we know our strength

And our flames are staying lit

Our hearts forever beat together

In sync with one another

I feel your presence when we're apart

You're my soul mate, best friend, and lover

No matter what obstacles we cross

We'll climb until we pass them

Just keep looking up and you'll find

There's a rose at the tip of the stem

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