It's more than obvious; we live in a cold world

Where society's aim is impregnate every boy and girl

We fall for lies, sewn to the pattern of the embezzlement ties

The corporate media looking so familiar; turning family on familia

Brainwashing the masses; watching time go by like mannequins behind glass

Askew view while we’re staring through the rearview

Seeing people through the eyes of Stevie Wonder, and I wonder Why

One individual looses oneself because of bliss and pain

It’s like we’re going against the current, flowing upstream

Struggling to survive, lost in the moment; getting caught in the rain

Chasing an illusive dream yet living in materialistic nightmare

It doesn’t seem fair and the odds are against us; Russian roulette

It’s a never ending cycle were we bet our lives for a second of nothing

But then again where only flesh and blood never truly knowing

The definition and meaning of “Life’s Success”

It’s not about tangible lust, on the contrary

It’s similar to the feeling of a mellow gust; it’s quite ordinary

Yet it’s so soothing that we take it for granted

Our selfishness is the reason why we’re steadily killing our planet.

We see money as our only solution, so we sell ourselves

Too damn stubborn to admit it yet we proudly beg for help,

Only when desperate do we realize that we can’t make it alone

We’re too lazy to build from the ground up so we never turn a shelter into a home

Jealous ones envy, the result being: we bite the hands that feed us

We have nothing to offer and everything to gain; we yell for freedom

While we relinquish the thoughts of sharing and caring, we’ll never feed them 

In the aftermath of ignorance, we abort our fetus.

What's wrong with us? We're to damn envious playing a game that's dangerous

It’s pathetic that we are slaves to our own mental prison

Some call it being ambitious; others label it synonymous with wisdom

I see it for what it is, hence the poem’s title: We’s-Dumb


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