Sky of Sucess

I/My Mother,For starters,she's clever. No animal Will standin this recital. We'll take this island by storm.Absolutly absurdit might be But best believeHer and meA diligent duocomparable to a cyclone. Forget about technology.All phonesand drones. Our connexion is wireless.From Connecticut to Pariseven if the power cuts. Growing up almost fatherlessHandling businesshas been a must. Always been each other's advocate Can barely count the miles awayBut we're unseperabable like Copy&Paste. From a small appartment To the Skys of Success Just know that We ain't make it yetmy Mother and I are truly blessed. Thats why I bump my chest,Why my voice is loud,why I never rest. I learnt to be proudRealized certain people can't finish lastAnd certain Souls forever lastlike a ghost gassed into glass. II/So I'm Lookin at the SkyAs I'm searchin for a sign Maybe lurkin' for a smile That's been there for a while God I promiseThat I willl be a good son  I won't be a nuiscanceJust a creation Came up from Adam and Eve No, God ain't never leave.  


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My family
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