The Artist Addicted


I'm addicted to beauty,

Addicted to destruction.

I'm addicted to pieces and broken things

Because I'm trying to find my "whole".

I'm addicted to the sunrise,

And to the moonrise,

To high tide and low tide,

Landslides and fault lines,

And burned bridges.

I'm addicted to perfection,

Addicted to flaws,

I'm addicted to borrowed time,

And fresh starts.

I'm addicted to places,

But most of all to leaving them.

I'm addicted to complexity,

Addicted to simplicity,

Transcendency, intensity,

Intricacy, and entropy.

I'm addicted to feeling lost

And never really being found.

I'm addicted to outside and inside,

And to doubt and to price,

Coffee and phone calls,

And dirty dishes.

I'm addicted to being addicted

To death and to life,

Melancholia, anhedonia,

Passion, and mania.

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