questionable mentality


Questionable Mentality Okay so this is that good shit that I can never say to my teacher my hate seekers. This is for that little boy sitting on the bleachers. Mind in the reality I find most comfortable body in school falling victim to the same prey the everyday thing. We all know life's like a swing we love the highs yet we must appreciate the lows. I float off into my mental abyss as my teachers mouth goes. In my mind out flows insults as deep as a 8inch cut into your leg. In my mind I kill them all and just walk away. Body bags on the floor blood splattered on the walls. I have the mind to say I don't care just to save us all but I must obey my "laws". First day of class she says no cellphone I pull mine out cuz I'm mentally zoned out. She goes laws and rules rare made to keep those in check. I said "na them shit made to be broken" just kidding I thought it man you must be joking. I spoke in my mental yet my physical projected it... Dam I spoke in the physical and my mental dis respected it. So I show my respects to this as I inspect this room with my magnify glass of pure hatred and judgement. I lay judgement down like a pro baller it's all just natural to me. I lay judgement down wait...she just got me thinking see... Realitys finally hitting me and it Really makes me wanna tell them off but I'll just keep it in and wait till I snap like a goodie bag overflowing with awesomeness... They picked the wrong One I'm the key they the I just turn it and toss them aside... In order to live in you must get out sometime otherwise ur living ur life like a bitch who never travels... Every journey brings both experience and more knowledge... Yet it doesn't mean its all good for you... If I always practiced wat I preached these haters would truly know what I'm good for.. I'm plastering these walls with a vast coating of lyrical's like I'm back slapping hitler with these words and pulling off micheals glove.... Shove I'm done yet it all still drops like its falling from the sky ....if life is full of lies then wats the need to survive....she made me think for once her words had triggered a stream of awesomeness... Colored splattered onto these verbal built walls... She inspired these words wait this shits all wrong... She ain't inspired this song dam this woman got me confused... Hold on... So I leaned to my right and stop thinking got the answer to part two...then it hit me what should I have for lunch...well it would probably be brunch cause all I'm eating is this lunch... Dam it's test time and here I go again loosing my train of thought hummm I always wanted to play gin... Sin...sinning that's truly what it's all about right or is life just school school school ... 8 and a 1/2 months of school and 3 and a 1/2 of break... Whoever figured this shit out needs to learn math. Cause they math obviously ain't that great.... By the way I love to state this I'm Nate the great pure metaphoric symbolism is all I write... Analogies I talk as I speak in the spiritual and on these lyrical blades I walk as I teach my teacher.


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