Always Watching


United States
41° 53' 26.1024" N, 71° 23' 28.8384" W

We're afraid to recognize the faults
So life goes on with its deadly assaults
Getting harder and harder everyday, but suddenly it halts
Because sooner or later we unlock all the vaults
Then sense pours out
And becomes something you can't live without
Salvation is the key, your new route
No longer living a lie, no longer living doubt
But others are still drowning
And you just end up frowning
Don't you hear the calling?
It's time to start crowning
We need to take a step back
And figure out what we truly lack
We might not care, but God's keeping track
And he knows when we will finally crack
With that said, forget about your future life
Because it might just cause you much strife
Giving the devil a chance to come at it with a knife
But for God that just won't suffice


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