Keep Ya Head Up


I know you're fed up ladies, but keep your head up.

Fed up from all the lies and all the times you cried.

But you stayed strong because you wanted the relationship to survive.

But you gotta move on baby.

You gotta keep ya head up


You go out and other men offer to wine and dine you.

But your man doesn't even.have time for you.

That should show you a lot.

Go ahead baby give it some thought.

But you gotta keep your head up.


Why stay loyal when he's out there fucking with other ladies.

Doing shit that can make other babies

Leaving Vacancies in your heart.

You want him there when y'all are apart but does he feel the same spark?

Or does he feel like your vagina is just a parking spot hidden away side a vacant parking lot.

Reserved for his 64 Impala.

Does he even bother anymore?

Who knows?

But you gotta keep your head.


The justification that a man is going to be a man and if you want to be with him you have to put up wit it.

Naw ladies.

See YG got you going in the wrong direction.

Because when it comes down to it you want to be the only choice not a part of the selection.

If women cheat they're a hoe

But men always hit you with that "Nobody needs to know."

But this faith shit isn't for show.

And if a woman cheated a man would say "Honey, you have to go."

But see that's a double standard.

Because if a man cheated a woman would be expected to welcome you back with open arms.

But see we can not keep causing harm to our souls.

When mean lose the best thing they have ever had

they like to cry and plead

and beg on their knees

and say “Honey, I ain't gonna cheat no more (mow).

But a lot of women still won't be too sure.

So if you’re still listening,

let me talk at you some more


You don't wanna be labeled main because if there's other girls you're just apart of the Team.

And you can dream that he is only yours.

But really you don't know what goes on beyond your house door.

So you sit at home wondering if he's faithful.

But really the lies are as visible as dirt on a glass table.

You see the lies but still believe em'.

You shouldn't have to lower your,standards just to keep em'.


You been trying to stay strong and hold on to be his down chick.

But really he's just been treating you like you're his bitch.

You need to know that you're worth it.

'cause if you don't he's going to continue you to treat you like you're worthless.

But you gotta keep your head up.


They say people chose the love they think they deserve.

But don't you think you deserve more than stolen nights and those three little words.

But really you need to step back on the curb and reevaluate it.

And notice that you're not appreciated.

If he can't Learn to appreciate you then leave em'.

Cause really baby you don't need em'

Just keep your head up.


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