Allow me to massage your mind, and kiss your thoughts...
Let me make love to your ambitions,
Mutual support has always been our favorite position.
The beauty of your intelligence, made my ego sprung to listen,
Which started a beautiful relationship, and made it an easy transition.
From being the one hosting my own show, to the lonely actor set to audition.
I find my blood flows with the nutrition of your ambition’s.
A Jazz musician couldn’t play the sax with enough superstition,
Of one that believes in the act of a magician,
To show that my love for you is not authentic, but based off of my hearts inhibitions.
In addition, like a mathematician loves the calculation of a nuclear fission,
I am in love with the simplicity of your lips which kissed the very being of my vision....
LOVE, never to be perfect, but always perfected,
Some call it a sickness, so here is my DNA, allow me to be forever infected.


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