My Life In A Nutshell


I feel like I've been left in the dark,

No one will ever understand the hurt of my heart,

The pain that I feel,

Or the scars on my heart that will never heal.

I done been through so much i can't even deal.

No one will ever experience the stuff that I did,

Or half the stuff pepole said,

better yet, have ya' mother ever been left fo' dead?

Prolly' not,

That's why my heart will NEVER have a soft spot.

And for all you wanna be thugs have a seat,

Big bro stayed in the streets to make sure lil' sis had somethin' to eat.

Three four nights in a row missin',

Now my heart beatin' fast,

There was just newsflash about a killin'.

Crazy thoughts goin' all through my head,

"Damn G, what if my big bro really dead"?

Lord knows I can't live without him,

How am I 'posed to survive without him?

I couldn't even imagine seeing his face on a t-shirt,

That would damn sho' hurt.

But I guess it would be well expected,

I done witnessed somebody hold a gun to his head,

Thank God the chamber was missing a bullet.

Damn dawg,

Life is really crazy.

I was only 19 and pregnant with a baby.

Although I contemplated adoption and abortion,

I gotta' thank God I kept her.

Lil' Shawty changed my life for the better.

Headed down the road of destruction,

I mean hell,

I ain't have nothing to live fo'.

Mama sick with cancer,

Big Bro hittin' licks,

He headed to the grave yard or the slammer.

It's me against the world,

Just me,

This lost little girl.



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