Untitled (Honest About Emotions)

Exerting More Energy, 
Causing More Pain. 
What My Friend, 
Have U Gained?
You Lie About Your Natural 
Losing Out On The Value Of Such.
You Go Against The Forces Of 
Yet You Haven’t Gained Much.
False, Unreal,
Opposite To Reality.
This Inauthenticity Aids In Your 
Emotional Dishonesty.
It Takes So Much Energy,
To Be Unreal. 
What’s Even Worse, 
Is Concealing, Lying And Covering 
What You Truly Feel. 
You Conceal So Much, 
Ripping Yourself Apart. 
From Inside Out;
The Heart Is Where You Start. 
You Cover Up What’s Truly There, 
Misleading People, 
Creating, Counting All That You 
With So Much Coverings, 
Yourself Is Even Misled. 
By You My Dear,
So You’d Prefer Being Dead. 
You Lie About Your Feelings, 
Not Knowing What Honesty Means. 
It’s Being Truthful At All Times,
Not As You Please. 
You Fail To Acknowledge Self,
You See A Bottle With Your Name
And You Take It From The Shelf. 
Afraid To Let Anyone See The True 
So You Break It And Still Be 
Now You Try To Heal
With One Unbroken Bone.
But Here Is The Truth 
The Truth To Be Told.
Lying To Yourself Is Your Only 
That You Have Of Yourself,
That You Cannot Let Go.
As The Only Way Is,
Just For You To Be Bold.
Emotional Dishonesty,
An Emotional Poison.
The Moisture That Moistens.
As It Presupposes Vulnerability.
You Can Always Control,
Your Act,
Your Thoughts.
But Don’t Go Off Lying,
About Your Emotions,
To People And
To Yourself;
It’s a Battle We All Have Fought.
This poem is about: 
Our world


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