What Poetry Means to Me.

Mon, 06/03/2013 - 17:12 -- J-Play

There are a lot of things as to what poetry means to people, so inevitably there is something for me.
In my case, poetry means rapping and rhyming. The skill of telling stories and lessons in an intricate balance of speech and timing. The very words and rhymes I convey are true, really, and when you hear them and understand what I'm saying, hopefully you'll be able to "feel me". Yes, poetry to me means putting my experiences in a song, something you can reflect and contemplate to all day long. You see, I consider it poetry because I want to transcend the song about money, cars and girls you hear at a juke joint. I want to make rhymes and lines that are on point. To the life I live, and to the time I give. This is what poetry means to me.


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